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Janji Joni

Joko Anwar knows a thing or two about films, and for sure, he’s having a good time in it.

Why? Because to him, a film has to please himself, which eventually will lead to pleasing the audience.

Indeed, the joy was infectious in his directorial debut here, a film that enhances his liking and expertise about the film study itself. Yet, the premise seems fresh, for the film differs itself from any other film-about-film in terms of the angle it chooses to base the story on. This time, Joko cleverly avoids the usual overused story of film-making process and its chaotic madness surrounding it. Instead, Joko dares to narrate his film from one side we often overlook in our cinema-going experience: a film roll carrier.

We may cheer for the refreshing take on how rare the blue collar story being brought up to be the center of attention in a world often associated with glitz and glamour, yet the question that prevails is whether the presence of the film roll carrier has its own distinction to make this film different from any other films.

There can be no definite answer for the query as we follow the film and immediately be charmed by some strong premise of eye catching opening scenes and a few comical early scenes. The story then follows the adventure of Joni (played by the surprisingly beefy Nicholas Saputra), who works as the film roll carrier and on one eventful day, his bag containing the film roll is stolen. Strange and illogical as it may seem, this is the playful time of Joko in disobeying the rule of chronological order of time, instead filling the screen with larger-than-life experiences of Joni in meeting up with some distinguishable characters who often pose threats to steal the spotlight from the main character, Joni, himself.

But really, who cares?

Nicholas, who seems to be at ease playing the title role here, looks enjoying a good time to be surrounded by great number of more talented cast. If those actors have to be reduced to be having mediocre presence, then this has got to be something worth sacrificing in order to keep up the light atmosphere of the film. Particularly Rachel Maryam, one of the better actors in Indonesian film scene who is not given a chance to develop her character to be either likeable or be a villain. Instead, her presence suggests that this film has many disposable statures that provided being removed, the film would still go on well.

Janji Joni

All in all, the key to enjoy the film is to set aside the deafening soundtrack (something that Joko still needs to work on more), and to furthest extent, save the cynicism of endless debate on how an Indonesian film should be, Joko gives us something worth noting:

When was the last time we had a good, genuine laugh in cinema watching a film made in Indonesia by Indonesians?

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truth is …

i miss you in every sense of missing the one i love.

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Do We Forget to Rest?

7 hari seminggu, 5 hari kerja, 2 hari istirahat.


Yang ada biasanya malah terlalu semangat ngerjain segala macem hal yang tertunda, yang udah jadi impian dari hari Senen.
Kurang istirahat lagi, capek lagi, males kerja lagi.

Let’s see.
Jumat malem kemaren saya udah buru-buru keluar dari kantor buat ngejar press screening nya “Eros”, film pendeknya Wong Kar Wai, Steven Soderbergh ama Michelangelo Antonioni, saking buru-burunya sampe harus berani resiko naek taksi di tengah jam macet orang pulang kerja. Kelar nonton, langsung pulang, cuci baju, nyetrika dan ngutak ngatik komputer baru sambil masih bingung ngutak ngatik komputer malem.

Sabtu pagi harus dimulai dengan lupa janji meeting karena musti nemenin adik kelas SMA yang dateng kesini, dan ini berarti nganterin jalan-jalan a la turis. Padahal malemnya masih ada latian IAF yang untungnya deket rumah, dan kalo dah latian ini, diakhiri dengan nongkrong di warung pojoknya kampung londo. Sialnya lagi, koq ya saya ga gampang tidur kalo dah kecapekan. Solusinya? Bersih-bersih kamar, rombak rak buku! Baru deh tidur, tapi masih kebayang kalo …

Minggu adalah hari upik abu! Kelar nyapu, ngepel, setrika, ngopi, langsung berangkat ke warehouse sale-nya MPH Bookstore nun jauh di Expo yang deket ama Changi Airport itu. Setelah leyeh-leyeh sejenak, trus langsung direcokin kabar,

“Nopal sayaaaannngg, aku punya kabar gembira untukmu” housemate saya senyum-senyum sambil megang wajan
“Apaaaaaaannn?” sambil masang sepatu siap pergi
“Minggu ini elo dapet kehormatan bersiin kamar mandi ama toilet yaaa”
“Maaaakkkk! Ntar maleeeemmmmm!”


Here I am, pulang dari kiasu ngantri beli buku, bersih2 kamar mandi, dan dalam sejam lagi, udah diajakin dinner Komang (minus Acay yang lagi mudik). Not to mention that I was trapped into temptation of borrowing 4 DVDs from Esplanade Library yesterday … I know, it is addictive, and I’ve been an addict since the library opened 3 years ago.

Kalo udah gini, ngga bisa ngeluh juga kan?

Paling-paling kecapekan, or make it ekstra kecapekan, karena saya dan beberapa orang temen yang saya tau pun bukanlah tipe orang-orang yang bisa dengan enak tidur cukup selama weeknites. Let alone sleeping, lha wong pulang kantor aja musti ngeluyur dulu, even if that means going to … supermarket alone! Hihihihihi … Ngga banget yah?

Dan kecapekan ini kadang-kadang yang ngga terlalu kita perhatiin, baru kerasa kalo misalnya lagi trekking di Tioman kaya Acay minggu kemaren. Ngaku nya sih ga capek, tapi kalo pas ngumpul-ngumpul, ngumpet di pojokan tidur yah? Hahahahah!

Anyway, ini emang postingan ga penting, tapi cuman heran aja, apa iya kita terlalu sibuk grabbing as many things as possible, and doing it so much so to the extent that we often neglect the importance of REST?

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one’s perspective.

how do we begin to realize that we are fully committed to a relationship of ours?

when we start seeing our world from our partner’s point of view, unknowingly.

(billie holiday – you don’t know what love is/until you’ve learned the meaning of the blues/until you’ve loved a love you’ve had to lose/you don’t know what love is …)

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suddenly …

… i remember,
once your presence mattered.

how are you?

you were there on that foggy sunday
existence may differ, yet the jolt still blew me away

from gestures to smiles
from glances to laughs
from whisks to mirks

how are you?

i haven’t gotten a chance to tell the truth
of how often i forget you

not because it wasn’t pure
it’s just because i can’t have you.

cheesy as it might be
i can’t seem to stop whispering in a glee,

how are you?

how are you?

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Take a Break.

Dear bloggers,

So many stories to tell, so much feeling to share.

But then, as blogging is dependent on the existence of PERSONAL computer, therefore allow me to withdraw myself for a while, secara …


Nauval’s Toshiba Satellite. RIP. 1999-2005.

Too early to be buried, too late to be taken care of.

However, kalo ada yang tau proses data recovery, then let’s hope that my life is not going six-feet under with it.


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(and i can’t think of any titles, i’m too thrilled!)

alright, here i am again. i can’t keep my excitement inside very well …

Give me a chance to catch my breath
Cause I’m in a state of awe
Guess miracles do never cease
For we’re back together now

Pardon me please if I pinch myself
So to know this is not a dream
As I reminisce the love we shared
And the pain there was between

Look at the clouds in the sky
They seem so happy now
Look at the sun, feel its rays
With such a smiling face
Maybe we can’t but maybe we can
With the love that we’re feeling inside
Share it with all the world and see each heart
Kiss lonely good-bye

let the countdown begins. it’s just a moment away …

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