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A Conversation on a Cafe in One Night

“I’m falling in love. It’s nothing new.”

“It is new! Every time you fall in love, it’s always a new experience. Nothing, none of your previous relationships are alike. Well … The objects may be similar, like they are all … what, tall, smart, and beautiful?”

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A Night Conversation

A: “By the way, …”

B: “Yes?”

A: “Is last night’s question still applicable? The one about “what do you want to know about me?”? Does it have an expiry date?”

B: “Depends. What do you want to ask?”

A: “Strangely, I don’t know. You got me tongue tied.”

B: “Is that so? I don’t believe it.”

A: “Neither do I. Unbelievable. It’s like when you have someone in your mind most of the time of the day, and you think this person matters to you most, but at the same time, you feel like, I don’t know, questioning and constantly wondering if the feeling is mutual. What if the other person does not think about you, at all? What if the habit of texting, calling, interrupting meetings just to say “hey, what’s up”, and getting a fast reply of “hey, am on a meeting. TTYL”, before actually a real, long conversation happens afterwards, becomes a nuisance instead of a welcoming, happy intrusion?”

B: “You underestimate yourself.”


A: “Do I?”

B: “You do.”

A: “And by underestimating myself …”

B: “You underestimate me.”


A: “Do you?”

B: “I do.”

B: “Do you?”

A: “I do.”




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