About Me

A man who is willing to risk (almost) anything to read, watch, write, taste, travel, love, and breathe to live. Not necessarily in that order.

A man who presumes maturity increases as years go by. Now the world laughs back at him and he chooses to tip-toe the earth to avoid further stumbles as he has experienced many times. For running and fast-walking, he leaves it to treadmill and cross-training machines he hits regularly, although the love of finding true sweat remains on cycling.

A man who opts to blur and merge differences of the real life and the reel ones. Flickering light of projected images captivates him most, often at the price of mundane human interaction. For the warmer kind, he gladly negotiates.

A man who recalls his time being a boy vividly, and believes that maturity lies ahead on many journeys yet taken ahead.


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