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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

Thanks for the greeting.

Alright, one more thing before IM2 starts cranking up again.

Here’s another attempt on WP after getting on not-so-friendly start a few years back.
Little did I know it has become my loss.

As you all know, WP has turned into the most sophisticated blogging tool with unbelievably user-friendly system that even illiterate men can blog. No kidding.

So, if all goes well, this shall be my permanent home. Until another invention comes along.

Cheers! 🙂


Naked and hairy.

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It’s Good to be Back

After a very long hiatus, I’ve decided to come back blog again.

Having made writing one of possible means to support myself financially, I didn’t realize how far I was removed from the joy of writing nonsense about things I like most, without the burden of pleasing editors and meeting deadlines.

However, the said experience will reflect nonetheless in future entries.
That is another way of saying how age has been catching up on me 🙂

First things first: before I post new entries, I have to do some sort of cleaning up to this long-neglected home.

Some changes I have planned/thought about:
– No more shoutbox.
Any greetings should be directed to comment section.

– Catching up with the latest features on Blogger dashboard.
This will take some time.

– Keeping the same template, or more or less the same color scheme with a new template, while accommodating the changes.

And, since blogwalking has been considered a thing of the past, I hope any wanderers out there who stumble or come across unintentionally to this blog would be kind enough to offer me advise or tips-and-tricks in re-designing blog.

Anyone who offer me Viagra or 1 billion Nigerian dollars is also welcome to my grandma’s dinner. She’s been dead for decades.

Hope to see some familiar names, be them the returning or the new ones.

Love you all!


PS: In the meantime, enjoy one of my favorite songs sung by one of the greatest legendary singers ever graced the Earth. Been stored long enough in my Favorites tab on Youtube, little did I realize that the title alone reflects the on-and-off pause of the page.

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