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A Midday Talk

1: Hey, I need to talk to you later. Dinner?

2: But aren’t we talking right now?

1: We are, yeah.

2: So? What is it that you can’t talk about but you plan to talk to me about it later? I mean, what’s the difference if you talk to me right now, right here?

1: The time is different, the place is different …

2: … but the persons are the same …

1: … I figure you will say that …

2: … and what are you waiting for?

1: What I am waiting for? A lot. I am waiting, in fact, I have been waiting for that one … moment … to gather my strength and guts to say to you that for the past few months, nothing excites me more than seeing your name on my phone. Your unexpected calls, your laughter, your silly jokes, your nonsensical humor, your work stories that make me grateful for my crappy job, your hilarious self that have made my days and made me addicted for it. So yes, that’s the truth. I have enjoyed your company. But I can’t define this … enjoyment. I don’t know what that is. Is it a crush? I don’t know. I’m not sure what it is. But what I am sure of is that you, you … are one very kind person, and I want to stay spending time with you, until I figure out what the thing is. Only if you let me. There. I am sorry. Again. God knows how many times I said ‘sorry’ to you today.


1: So?

2: Wow.

1: Yeah.

2: I don’t know what to say …

1: … I don’t expect you to say anything …

2: … but I know what to do …

1: Huh?

2: … because I am still here. And I will. I’ll stay. But, will you?



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A Night Conversation

A: “By the way, …”

B: “Yes?”

A: “Is last night’s question still applicable? The one about “what do you want to know about me?”? Does it have an expiry date?”

B: “Depends. What do you want to ask?”

A: “Strangely, I don’t know. You got me tongue tied.”

B: “Is that so? I don’t believe it.”

A: “Neither do I. Unbelievable. It’s like when you have someone in your mind most of the time of the day, and you think this person matters to you most, but at the same time, you feel like, I don’t know, questioning and constantly wondering if the feeling is mutual. What if the other person does not think about you, at all? What if the habit of texting, calling, interrupting meetings just to say “hey, what’s up”, and getting a fast reply of “hey, am on a meeting. TTYL”, before actually a real, long conversation happens afterwards, becomes a nuisance instead of a welcoming, happy intrusion?”

B: “You underestimate yourself.”


A: “Do I?”

B: “You do.”

A: “And by underestimating myself …”

B: “You underestimate me.”


A: “Do you?”

B: “I do.”

B: “Do you?”

A: “I do.”




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A Morning Conversation

Q: “What do you want to know about me?”

A: ” What do I want to know about you? A lot. But do I want to know all? I doubt. Sometimes all I want to know is as simple as what you will be doing today, or how you are going to spend your day today, or sometimes I wonder if I could make you smile today or the opposite. Sometimes that is all I want to know.”


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Underrated Romantic Comedies

Last night I tweeted a lot about underrated romantic comedies.

It began when I browsed randomly on DVDs or Blu-rays to buy, as I just got $5 Amazon gift voucher from an online survey. If that sentence alone does not describe how middle-class I am, I don’t know what else does.
Clicking endless “today’s deals”, “unbelievably good bargains” and “price so low you will faint as you buy” sections later, I came across one film called The Truth About Cats and Dogs.
Way before we saw an eerie family film about talking cats and dogs, the title belongs to a little, sweet charmer starring equally sweet Uma Thurman, Janeane Garofalo and Ben Chaplin. Janeane plays a character who pretends to be Uma to attact Ben’s attention, although in the end it is Janeane’s true genuine personality that wins Ben over.

Now if you talk about movies that change the world or movies that change the savings of studio executives, films like Cats & Dogs above and others do not usually get mentioned.
These are films that grow over time. Some, or even most of them, do not get good critical reception and commercial success upon initial release.

But as years go by, these are the kind of films we stumble upon while we are confused on what to watch on a relaxing Saturday night at home. Or the kind of film that our friends recommend to cure lonely hearts. Or simply the kind of film that you have no idea what it is about, you just pick it randomly in a store, but you’re glad to discover it.
Thus, you remember it for life.

The films that touch our heart are not necessarily the great ones. They are those that can make us believe in love again, convincingly, and unknowingly.

That’s why they are underrated.

I’m not going to write any longer than this. Oh come on, you know that this is long enough already! But I’m going to share with you images from some #underratedromanticcomedy films that you should watch, especially:
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Falling for you

I fall for you like a rustling leaf whispered by the wind, and laid haplessly on the mat outside my porch.
I fall for you like the last drop of condensed milk in a cup of hot tea, the kind I want to serve to you for breakfast someday.
I fall for you like echoes heard in caves repeatedly to the last wave of sound, the ones we will hear in our future travels.

I fall for you for your spontaneous giggles at almost every passing ordinary words coming out of my mouth, unplanned and unprepared.
I fall for you for your obvious awkwardness when you struggle to say your order whenever we dine out.
I fall for you for your honest behavior to sleep during a film I find excited to watch.

I fall for you for no reason except for whatever you are.

I fall for you at every “hey” before long questions.
I fall for you at every “so?” before firm answers.
I fall for you at every “let’s!” before permanent decisions.

I might have fallen for you already, unknowingly, as our hands shook the first time.
I am falling for you at the moment of writing this.
I fall for you every time I am lost for words when you start rambling about things in chaotic orders.

But I will not fall for you in the future.

Because by then I will stay and be with you.


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