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Ola! I’ve been away for quite some time, but really, nothing much to tell, except … well … if you’ve seen my MSN nickname (it’s by the way), you’ll have an idea why ;=).

Anyway, people have been asking me about the current nickname, whether it is taken from a song, a poem or any other inspirational material (ha! inspirational? more like plagiatory resource! hahahahaha …).

It is taken from a track found in this famous Indonesian band’s latest album, “positive+POSITIVE” by POTRET, you know, the one w/ Melly and Anto Hoed, and Aksan Sjuman, DEWA’s ex-drummer.

The song is called Ketika Cinta Itu Hilang (do I need to bother translating here? yay, OK, before you accuse me of anything, it’s loosely translated as After The Love is Gone … and it’s not that Earth Wind and Fire’s jazzy song!).

I’m not an expert in defining music and emotional feeling (Nick Hornby already does that superbly in his 31 Songs, a must-read for music lovers and pop-lit everywhere!), but I feel this song belongs to one of the greatest break-up and brokenhearted songs ever! Let’s see if you find yourself in agreement w/ me on this …


Bulan dan tahun berganti / Kasih ini tak pernah meluntur

Walau jenuh pasti ada / Dalam cinta kalahkan semua

Namun kini lain / Kau tak lagi setia / Dimana cintamu, hilangkah ???

Sedikit demi sedikit / Rasa cinta ini hilang juga

Melihat raut wajahmu / Seperti melihat sampah busuk

Kau mengkhianati / Cintaku yang murni / Kau tidur dengannya, mengapa?!?

Namun mengapa sedih ini tak berlarut-larut

Mungkinkah memang aku / Mengharapkan semua ini memang terjadi

Oh, ketika cinta itu hilang dan punah / Rasaku pun melega

Ada harapan baru / Mendapat cinta baru, tak mengapa

Ketika cinta menghilang / Dalam diri dan hati bersyukur

Ternyata di lubuk hati / Ku ingin berpisah denganmu

Namun jangan aku yang memulainya / Kuingin dirimu yang salah

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