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how to turn yourself into a zombie in 24 hours?

Saturday, August 20

13.20 – Arrived at Sekolah Indonesia Singapura (SIS) at Siglap Road, immediately sat in short informal meeting of Creative Team and Production Manager

13.30 – Lunch break

14.30 – Start rehearsal from beginning

16.00 – Still rehearsal on the first part

17.00 – Touch-up rehearsal of scenes involving numbers of people, without the actual people showed up.

17.30 – End of rehearsal, looking for some missing props.

18.15 – Urgent meeting of Creative Team + Director

19.00 – Start re-working rundown/flowchart of detailed show from Pre-Show to Closing Scene. In another words, from the very beginning to the very end.

20.00 – Pre-Show touch-up, detailing things that happen before the show starts.

21.10 – Entering discussion on the beginning of 1st Half

21.30 – Dinner break

22.30 – Still mulling over with 1st Half, run through everything inside the scenes appearing during the 1st Half.

23.30 – Stuck with stage design for 1st Half

Sunday, August 21

00.30 – Stuck at the same problem

01.30 – Received 6 missed calls from twinnie

02.30 – Done with 1st Half, finally saw the word of ‘Intermission’ on paper

02.45 – Start working on 2nd Half

03.45 – Sailing through first scene nicely

04.45 – Touch-up on performance scene

05.45 – 70% of whole show is done

06.00 – Hailed a cab home

07.00 – Ready to sleep

10.30 – Woke up because of the nightmare about the show

11.30 – (Should be ready to be) Off to rehearsal scheduled at 1 pm again

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lil’, happy birthday :)

It truly feels like yesterday,
And definitely not 17 years ago.

When I was happily seated next to this driver,
And your sister and your late grandmother was seated behind …


How your grandmother never put down her holy book, uttered every single prayer,
While your brother?
Let’s just say that he was too excited of getting a new companion soon 🙂

It was Saturday, I remember vividly.
Just like lovebirds who always wish for sunshine throughout the day,
I opened the window and I could feel the wind of August heat.

And we stopped at a bakery,
Somehow your sis and I could convince grandma to buy dozens of bread for your mum.
Innocently, we ended up indulging in those cakes since Mum was not allowed to.

Then not even waiting for the car to park,
I rushed down to the lobby

9.30 am

Your dad was on his way to greet us
And I was asking him out loud,
“Pa! Gimana?!”

I was only 9 years old at that time, yet believe me, that day was one of the few moments in your dad’s life where I could see sparkle in his eyes, cheerfully said:
“It’s a girl”.

Fifteen minutes earlier, you had seen the world for the first time.

We rushed inside, hurried down to see your Mum.
A bright smile on her face, not even a glimpse of pain she had had to endure earlier.

And it’s you.
In a small box.
Along with others.
Yet, you responded from afar.

Grueling days of choosing one single name for you,
(remember how your elder sis insisted giving your name ‘jasmine’?)
Many tiring nights of taking care of you,
Preventing you from falling down or kept hitting the wall with your small head,

Being labeled as ‘that Japanese baby who never smile’ , or simply ‘that little Ulil’,

You remain as cute as you already are,
You remain as stubborn as you always are,
You remain as one little sister I am always proud of.

So, we may have never been living together ever since you were 6 years old.

I may have not witnessed your growing-up stages,
From one tomboy yet adorable kid,
To become a girl in her full blossom.

But I’m sure what you have become,
One who never fails to learn from her mistakes,
And one who loves her beloved ones.

A sweet greet of Happy 17th birthday indeed for you 🙂

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(my) friends are …

the one who pops up unnecessary question like “Eh, pa kabar elo?” after we talk to each other for some good, healthy, chatty and insightful 30 min., and not to mention that we haven’t seen each other for some good, healthy 2 years.

the one who knows to which direction my eyes often stare to check someone out, yet claims that the person checks my friend out in return, instead of me. and of course, we can only conclude hopelessly that the intended person checks us out. both of us.

the one whom some unknown meat seller in some wet-market thinks that we are twins.

the one whose lovers i never approve of, except the last one.

the one whose opinion towards my lifestyle counts most.

the one who criticizes my writing with a big yelling of, “redundancy!”

the one whose sacrifice in being my ‘backup’ slowly gives her pain and headache.

the one who inspires me to do what i should do.

the one who keeps bickering about my taste in films, yet we always seek each other’s companion.

the one who saves my holiday trip and turns it into a journey worth taking.

the one who respects my decision.

the one who shields me from being thrown away.

the one who punches me hard with the lines like “Kenapa baru sekarang?” when i mentioned that i resign from my job.

the ones I treasure most.

the ones I can’t see my life without.

the ones I love.

you know who you are 😉

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who’s checking?

Day 1 – Monday


We see Nauval and Ayu seated on the corner. The taping of Anugerah 2005 was on recess. They were just staring at FAILED COMEDIANS on the stage trying to cheer audience up.
Suddenly …

AN UNKNOWN LAD IN ORANGE walked up to the stairs next to their seats, and while he was walking, he threw a look at them.

Nauval and Ayu exchanged glances.

Elo tadi ngeliat ‘kan?


They laughed.

Huhuhuhuh … Senengnya, dia check me out.

Ga banget, gue kali!







Pause for laugh, desperately.

Ya udah lah, check us out lho, check US out …

Hihihihihi … Boleh lah!

Day 2 – Saturday


We see Ayu, Messa and Nauval were about to enter the building.

Eh gue dah denger tuh cerita kalian. Ckckckck …

Cerita apaan?

Huehehehehe, si Messa gue ceritain pas Senen kemaren ituuuu …

Wekekekekekeke … Yang mana nih? Si baju oranye apa yang nonton acara gratisan, pulang bawa kontestan?

Ya semuanya lah!

Ahuhuhuhuhuhu …

Iya, tapi kalo dia udah check out Nauval duluan, berarti elo ga ada peluang dong.

Yoi, Mes!

Eh ya ngga dong, enak aja.

Ya bener dong, babe. Maksudnya Messa ginih. Kalo dia check me out duluan, berarti elo ga ada peluang dong. Tapi kalo pun dia check you out, belum berarti gue ngga ada peluang, itu masih bisa.


Kurang ajar! Market elo lebih gede dong kalo gitu? Ga bisaaaaa!

Messa and Nauval laughed.

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… (whatever you feel like filling in there)

By any means, this posting will go down in history as (one of) the most personal entries I’ve ever written in my blog. Like I’ve never written anything personal before, you might say :), and I shall have no objection on that. But to me, my blog is one perfect medium to release the opinionated side of me when it comes to criticizing and analyzing things I indulge myself in, and by now, you know that my ultimate indulgence is films, followed by books and music. In fact, I’ve realized that I tend to write more on concerts and plays, rather than films. At least my writings that managed to get published were around plays and concerts, and shamefully I have to admit that none of my film writings ever got published. Not yet, I suppose. But I keep on writing about film though, regularly after I watch any films, or whenever I feel like it.

So you see, I’m not a good writer myself. What was initiated as something else, turn out to be, aptly, anything else. It’s really hard to keep ourselves focused with so many distractions around. The buzzing phones, the beeping sounds of messenger windows, the flashy lights of camera, the flickering images on TV, whoever should we to blame for many recent analysis on how modern human beings tend to be more having short-span attention? Or is it short-attention span?

This is the writing of someone who only manages to scan through the title of headlines in newspaper. It is some kind of privilege to be able obscuring Reuters, New York Times, Kompas, Associated Press as daily staple alongside my usual Ice Mountain Drinking Water. Yet, the number of those papers actually shows how to read thoroughly in each and every article would be an impossible feat to achieve.

Bottom line is, I know that some of you have made efforts to drop by here for the past few days. And yet, none of words actually be delivered to reply your gratitude. Or even to reply your visit.
For the sake of recap, so my twinnie came here for 3 days, and I managed to secure half-day leave from my office on those days. Then I struggled again with my work, made a day off again for another errand, and weekends from last week onwards would be dedicated wholeheartedly for IAF.
Yet the bang itself happened on Sunday morning when my beautifully shaped butt flirted with my blue mug containing hot, strong, creamy coffee which was ‘nicely’ positioned next to my iBook baby. There you go, splish splash!
The right side of keyboard was filled with golden brown of coffee, and immediately I had to rush my white baby to Apple Centre @ Orchard for quick recovery, although it is very likely that I’ve got to void its warranty. Remember baby, your daddy here has not finished paying your installment, and now some nice amount of hundreds of bucks I’ve got to pay for your bail? What a cutesy naughty white-y you! 😉

Well, what can I say? Sunday’s nite concert of John Pizzarelli managed to shift my troubled mind, thanks to his eclectic performance, and the uninterrupted flows of DVDs will surely keep my weeknights full. After all, it is nice to be at home of yourself.

The month looks good, indeed.

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