(my) friends are …

10 Aug

the one who pops up unnecessary question like “Eh, pa kabar elo?” after we talk to each other for some good, healthy, chatty and insightful 30 min., and not to mention that we haven’t seen each other for some good, healthy 2 years.

the one who knows to which direction my eyes often stare to check someone out, yet claims that the person checks my friend out in return, instead of me. and of course, we can only conclude hopelessly that the intended person checks us out. both of us.

the one whom some unknown meat seller in some wet-market thinks that we are twins.

the one whose lovers i never approve of, except the last one.

the one whose opinion towards my lifestyle counts most.

the one who criticizes my writing with a big yelling of, “redundancy!”

the one whose sacrifice in being my ‘backup’ slowly gives her pain and headache.

the one who inspires me to do what i should do.

the one who keeps bickering about my taste in films, yet we always seek each other’s companion.

the one who saves my holiday trip and turns it into a journey worth taking.

the one who respects my decision.

the one who shields me from being thrown away.

the one who punches me hard with the lines like “Kenapa baru sekarang?” when i mentioned that i resign from my job.

the ones I treasure most.

the ones I can’t see my life without.

the ones I love.

you know who you are 😉

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