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Day 19

“What’s together like?”
“You and me, right now.”

“What’s happiness like?”
“You and me, right now.”

“What’s forever like?”
“You and me, later.”

“What’s ours like?”
You smile.

What’s love like?
You and me, no longer.

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Forgiveness in a Day

It does not take Eid to forgive. That is true.

Forgiveness, after carefully processed time and self acceptance, shall be done at any given moment. When one is ready, one shall forgive.

But just like any other big days covered in celebration, we need to glorify the importance of one thing that makes us celebrate the coveted day. Today, that thing is forgiveness. Eid is one day that serves as a reminder, that no matter how hard it is, forgiveness prevails. Forgiveness takes time. Forgiveness needs our great willingness to do. Forgiveness shows us who we really are.

Forgiveness should come from the heart.

And when all is done, all is forgiven.

Forgiveness (Courtesy of Huffington Post)

Forgiveness (Courtesy of Huffington Post)

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