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I Love You

Whenever we talk about love, we often talk about it in the context of romantic relationship between two people.
Books are written based on it.
Films rely on it.
Songs are made out of it.
We spend our lifetime marveling it.

What is less celebrated or glorified is the other kind of unsung love between people, often sans romance.

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The Night Before the Vote

I am writing this some time before 12 hours we, Indonesians, will get to see whoever will lead us as a nation in the next 5 years.
The choice could not be more in contrast of one another: one evokes fear, the other inspires hope.

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Things We Text On Our Way to Airport

Things We Text On Our Way to Airport

10:15:34 pm

Finally here at the airport.
Rushing for check-in now.

10:16:17 pm

Eat something.
Red-eye flights suck.
When r u coming back again?

10:16:40 pm

Thx for telling me that! *rolling eyes*
But thanks for the reminder.
Back in 3 days.
Hey, I haven’t even boarded the plane yet!

10:17:15 pm


10:17:22 pm

Right. So much for the notification alert that made my heart beeped, but immediately sank when I saw just “So?”

10:17:30 pm

What do u want me to say?
Haven’t I said enough “have a safe flight”s already?

10:17:45 pm

Doesn’t hurt to give one.
Each traveling is a new kind.

10:18:00 pm

Have a safe flight, dear.

10:18:10 pm

Thank you.
You know what?

10:18:13 pm


10:18:20 pm

Strangely, both my most favorite and the saddest part of traveling is when u say “have a nice flight.”

10:18:26 pm


10:18:33 pm

Glad to have u to come home to.

10:18:40 pm

Glad to have u to look forward to everyday, in person and in texting.

10:18:45 pm

Low batt now.
Bye, dear.

10:18:52 pm

We never really part, do we?
I’ll see you soon.

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