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In Silence, There is Forgiveness

In Silence, There is Forgiveness

It is never easy to forgive. It is never easy to apologize.

More often than we’d like to acknowledge , our pride gets in the way. Be it as a victim or as a doer, we find it hard to admit defeat.
It is in our nature to be wanting to stand above others. It is in our nature to be seen as being brave and strong.
But most of the time, we wish to be able to forgive. We wish to be able to apologize.
We can only say the wish to ourselves in whisper, in silence. The words we do not say, but we can only feel between mouth and heart.

The words that often culminate in the saying, “if only …”
As much as apologizing and forgiving do liberate oneself, it is never easy to commit. You can never hold grudge again. You can never go back.
But if it is only in silence you can, then you do.

No one and nothing shall get in between you and your apology. Not even air.

Nothing shall hold you back from forgiving. Not even air.
And those wanting to seek words of apology and forgiveness from others, look no further.
The silence does that.


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Forgiveness in a Day

It does not take Eid to forgive. That is true.

Forgiveness, after carefully processed time and self acceptance, shall be done at any given moment. When one is ready, one shall forgive.

But just like any other big days covered in celebration, we need to glorify the importance of one thing that makes us celebrate the coveted day. Today, that thing is forgiveness. Eid is one day that serves as a reminder, that no matter how hard it is, forgiveness prevails. Forgiveness takes time. Forgiveness needs our great willingness to do. Forgiveness shows us who we really are.

Forgiveness should come from the heart.

And when all is done, all is forgiven.

Forgiveness (Courtesy of Huffington Post)

Forgiveness (Courtesy of Huffington Post)

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Forgive Ourselves

Before we forgive others, have we forgiven ourselves?

This is the question that always bugs me at a particular time in year, when we bask in joyous celebration to forgive others, and assuming to forget their mistakes, yet we often secretly neglect to forgive one important person: us.

It seems like split of personalities we are talking about here, but as I close my eyes and let a breath of sigh to pass in seconds, I realize that maybe, I need to forgive myself first before willingly forgive others.

It is not easy. It never is.

In the name of pleasing other people, we tend to put the self acknowledgment aside. But today, of all days in a year, let’s start small.

Forgive me, self, for the lack of exercise that now makes me scream “I look fat!” in this new shirt.

Forgive me, self, for behaving badly in the past month.

Forgive me, self, for there are people I cannot help but talking behind their back, condemning them for their lack of cooperation at work, cursing them for their odd behaviors, and simply hating them.

We owe ourselves forgiveness.

Before we forgive others, let’s forgive the person that matters most: us.

Happy Lebaran.



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All the Sorrys

What does Eid or Lebaran mean to you?

Many will nod along the religious convention being the most anticipated day after one does fasting for a month, thus calling it a victory day. 
Some others may make use of the day to reunite with family members, especially the distant ones.
But for me, and perhaps a few others, may see the day as the time to revisit the idea of being sorry.

It began a few years ago, when my old time buddy Fay told me, “Why do we have Lebaran? It is because we need a reminder on the importance of forgiving. You know, we don’t need to wait until Lebaran to apologize for our wrongdoings or whatever mistake we make. But there’s gotta be one special day in a year when we acknowledge, and glorify a little, the necessity to say “I am sorry” for all mistakes we’ve made.

Think of it this way: you don’t need Valentine’s Day to love, or to show your affection to someone. But there is one day in a year when we are reminded the importance of love, regardless you celebrate it or not.”

The lengthy explanation sticks with me for good, and as years go by, I find it more relevant each time. ¬†Especially during the said public holiday, in which more often than we’re not, we are forced to say we are sorry to people we are not close to.

In the spirit of festivities, we relent to the habit. But the real, true “I am sorry” takes over time to finally being said with sincerity.
Thus, each celebration feels like a cumulative of all the sorrys we have gathered over days, weeks, months, and years. 

And in the spirit of putting importance to that, perhaps these are some of the confession, statement of apology, or whatever you like to call it, that I have finally realized I haven’t been able to say in person:

– Sorry for not returning your Interview With the Vampire OST cassette I once borrowed;

– Sorry for missing your transit time on your route to married life in Africa, because I overslept;

– Sorry for not being a good son with tons of skeletons in my closet that I have chosen not to open it to you, ever;

– Sorry for having doubt on your relationship, because I refuse to believe I won’t spend the rest of your life with as a friend;

– Sorry for keep forgetting the names of aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews;

– Sorry for being a distant brother who never gets to spend much time with each one of you;

– Sorry for not being able to forgive you yet, let alone forget, but acceptance is the key, right?;

– Sorry for not saying “I love you” yet;

– Sorry for saying “I love you” too soon.

Now what are your long delayed sorrys?

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On the last day of fasting month

Jakarta, 18 Agustus 2012.

Hari ini adalah hari terakhir puasa Ramadhan 1433 Hijriah.

Sebelum tangan ini mulai membuka laptop untuk menulis blog entry ini, tiba-tiba pikiran saya melayang pada awal Ramadhan tiga tahun lalu.
Di hari pertama puasa itu, tanpa saya sadari tiba-tiba saya menangis. Bukan menangis keras dengan jeritan dan sedu sedan, tetapi menangis dengan rembesan air mata pelan-pelan mengalir di pipi tanpa saya sedari, sebelum pelan-pelan terisak lirih.
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