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Forgive Ourselves

Before we forgive others, have we forgiven ourselves?

This is the question that always bugs me at a particular time in year, when we bask in joyous celebration to forgive others, and assuming to forget their mistakes, yet we often secretly neglect to forgive one important person: us.

It seems like split of personalities we are talking about here, but as I close my eyes and let a breath of sigh to pass in seconds, I realize that maybe, I need to forgive myself first before willingly forgive others.

It is not easy. It never is.

In the name of pleasing other people, we tend to put the self acknowledgment aside. But today, of all days in a year, let’s start small.

Forgive me, self, for the lack of exercise that now makes me scream “I look fat!” in this new shirt.

Forgive me, self, for behaving badly in the past month.

Forgive me, self, for there are people I cannot help but talking behind their back, condemning them for their lack of cooperation at work, cursing them for their odd behaviors, and simply hating them.

We owe ourselves forgiveness.

Before we forgive others, let’s forgive the person that matters most: us.

Happy Lebaran.



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