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Guess the Oscar! (Like You Know and Watch All the Nominated Films!)

Ah, awards season.

The time when suddenly good films rushing to theaters, leaving us in wonder with whatever happen to the rest of the year.
The time when suddenly some good, serious actors grace cover of lifestyle magazines.
The time when we are forced to read and nod along in pretense whenever news about film X winning critics awards, or actor Y continues his/her winning streak.

Wait. Pretend?

Here’s the thing.
Chances are you read this note in your computer at home. That means most likely you reside outside US, or any countries that so far have had the Oscar nominated films released there.
Of course, you are deprived of the joy of knowing the films first hand, since all you can do is read about them.

Films? Read? They don’t go together. Hardly.

The other option is to rely on piracy.
Harsh truth, but everyone in many countries are exposed to this one way or another. Even then, not many films are already available in black market.
Sometimes the ones being sold are taken with crappy cameras, or having subtitles generated by Google Translate.

In other words, we are deprived of watching the films on big screen, as they are supposed to be seen.
(Hey, aren’t Oscar voters also watching films they have to vote from DVD screeners they get from studios? Hmmm …)

But thanks to the Internet, gone are the days when we were completely alien to the Academy Awards.

Oh, don’t you think I could forget when TVRI aired the time when Marlee Matlin forced herself to say “and the winner is” to Michael Douglas, Best Actor for Wall Street … only to realize the names and the film years later. Or when RCTI had Adolf Posuma in Los Angeles doing live reporting the time when, finally, Al Pacino won for Scent of a Woman.

We had no clue about the films then.

Now, with film bloggers and awards-specialist bloggers dominate and, like it or not, influence how and where the season goes, we become more familiar with each course of award seasons.

For film fans, we become expert as years go on.
For non film fans, you are likely to be overwhelmed … and that is why you need to read this note!

Nine films nominated for Best Picture, with some tenfold other pictures nominated in scattered categories can be puzzling.
But you need to catch up with your colleagues, peers, dates, flings come Oscar ceremony up to a week after; thus, I offer you a shortcut: sound bites.

What I am going to do is list several main categories (there are 24 categories in total!), and offer you one liners of information or trivia about the nominated works that will make other people go “wow! I didn’t know that you know that!” at you.

Then, as you are compelled to answer the often asked question of “so, who do you think it’s going to win?”, I offer you: safe bets.
This equals to “will win” field you see in many other prediction articles. Like the term suggests, the bets are accumulated from precursor accolades, namely other previous awards held this season, or simply guts gathered from critics.

And my personal pick, being the writer of the note. Don’t fret. Don’t be tempted.

Ready? Here goes:

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My Life with Whitney’s

remember when we held on the rain, the nights we almost lost it, once again, we can’t take the night into tomorrow, living on feelings, touching you I feel it all again

February 19, 2012, was a fresh Sunday morning, after the hard rain fell the night before. A supposedly jolly day turned grey when the first thing I saw was a flashing text on TV: Whitney Houston, singer and actress, dead at 48.

Even typing those words, a few days after the news broke out, still left me stunned in silence. I had to pause typing just now, much like I opened my mouth in shock in front of TV on the above date, before rushing to my computer and found the news to be true.
Like most of you did, I switched on my iPod, and didn’t take it out most of the day. Out of 60-odd songs of hers in the iPod, I began to sing along to some 40 of them. Without Googling, we know the lyrics to those songs by heart.

The songs, spanning from 1985 to as recent as 2009, covered a good prime spot of one’s lifetime. For early 30s people like me, we cannot help being exposed to her songs, whether we are fans or not.
In fact, it was not her name I wrote down in ‘favorite singers’ most of these time. The entry belongs to other more so-called serious singers we often write to make ourselves look, like it or not, pretentious.

Here’s the thing about Whitney: she never takes herself seriously. Her big voice, while it is undoubtedly her natural talent, is delivered to us with heart. She puts big enough faith in songs she sings, and we cannot help but being drawn to the voice. It is the voice that we notice first, such an overwhelming voice that most of us look up to. Still.

And how we have looked up to her all these time, unknowingly. Doesn’t have to be from the start of her career, but at one point of our life, we listened to her whole album, and before we know, we remember the songs.

For me, the crucial point was before my final exam of elementary school.
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Peas (or my Valentine’s Day post)

Perfection. It is never overrated, for it is something we aim, albeit we can never achieve.

Patience. It is something of a challenge, for it bounds us to limitless options, ones that take us to wonders.

Pamper. It is expected when you are about to call it a day to ensure you have a good night sleep.

Planning. It is not easy, with your unexpected overtime schedule, and my unpredicted work.

Playlist. It is playable anytime you feel like filling the air with the songs I choose for you.

Praying. It is what we often do, especially when each of us start feeling ill.

Please. It is seldom said, but we know that deep down, that’s what we want to do to each other.

Peace. It is felt in silence as we don’t really acknowledge it, not with your constant chattering from A to Z to A again.

Presence. It is getting difficult to have, but let’s not give up.

Present. It is the time I feel happy the most with you around.

Perfect. It is what we are together.

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