Peas (or my Valentine’s Day post)

14 Feb

Perfection. It is never overrated, for it is something we aim, albeit we can never achieve.

Patience. It is something of a challenge, for it bounds us to limitless options, ones that take us to wonders.

Pamper. It is expected when you are about to call it a day to ensure you have a good night sleep.

Planning. It is not easy, with your unexpected overtime schedule, and my unpredicted work.

Playlist. It is playable anytime you feel like filling the air with the songs I choose for you.

Praying. It is what we often do, especially when each of us start feeling ill.

Please. It is seldom said, but we know that deep down, that’s what we want to do to each other.

Peace. It is felt in silence as we don’t really acknowledge it, not with your constant chattering from A to Z to A again.

Presence. It is getting difficult to have, but let’s not give up.

Present. It is the time I feel happy the most with you around.

Perfect. It is what we are together.

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