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A wish to last.

When I was a kid, I always thought that I would end up living with the first person I have a crush on forever, until the end of time.

Of course, the concept of “until the end of time” at the time was thought to be that we two would leave the world together, never came across my mind on the possibility that one may die sooner than the other. After all, how do you explain such a system to a dreamy 7 year-old boy who is now writing this blog you are reading?

Oh yes, I would take a cue from my surrounding and then would spend time daydreaming, making countless spin-offs out of those cues and clues. For example,  I was once fascinated by this watch than could function as telephone, and it was used by characters in Voltus! Being a fan, I dragged my dad to local markets, even when we went out of town, to get me one. Hey, it never occurred my mind who I should make a call to with the watch!

But my dad obeyed my wish, and he enquired about my request to a few toy stores. All of the storekeepers seemed to shake heads and smile in agreement with my dad, who knew that it was impossible to meet my demand. Looking back, this event only make me respect him more as my dad.

My gratitude to him and my mother also sprung from how I look up to them after knowing that my mom was my dad’s first and only serious girlfriend. For mom, at least her children knew she dated a guy who became her close friend to date, but it wasn’t serious. Thus, these two people who made me who I am today were, in fact, married to the first serious date they had.

How noble, how amazing, how inspiring. At least that’s what I had hoped my life would turn out to be: that I would spend my life together with the one I would date the first time.

How little would I know about my life and how it would turn out to be.

If you asked me how my very first dating experience was, I would say that I do not remember how exactly it went. I remember who, and I remember the overall time we had, which was nevertheless nice to have.

But when I realized that it would not last long, part of me was devastated, knowing that I would not be able to be walking on the same step like my parents did. I was taken aback for a while, knowing that from that point on, I would not be able to replicate what my parents had.

Luckily, I found that inability liberating.
Time passes by, and I continued dating, without a sign of settling down in sight. Not yet. I was lucky enough to still have a chance to meet new people, or new one-s if you say so, those who bring a little change to otherwise mundane routine.

Not being a serial dater myself who parades a long list of dates, but I learn a great deal from them. Some mark great changes, some give me many to chuckle about. Some vanish completely, some leave indelible marks. Some go, some stay.

But someone I am yet to meet is you.

Here’s what I am going to say to you:

“I don’t know who you are yet, but whoever you are, I just want to state again that you are not my first date. Be it serious, or casual, or anything in between, you’re just not my first on the list.

But what is lacking on the listing, I am trying to make it up by putting you first in any way I can.

As much as desire goes, I want to greet you the first thing in the morning.
As often as we can, I want us to have the first meal of the day together.
As many times as possible, I want us to close our eyes at the end of the day with each being the first and the last on our respective mind.

When we hit off to wrong start, let’s aim for steady move in years to come.
When we feel like yapping and yelling, let’s think that we’ll be exhausted before we find each other again.
When we feel like being alone and apart, let’s believe that the distance will only strengthen us.”

And if I’d have found you then, I’ll say that since I was a kid, I always believe that someday, I’ll end up living with the person I have a crush on forever, until the end of time.

That person is you.


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A Few Affairs with Extra-Marital Affair on Movies

The other day my friend Leila commented on a picture I posted on Path, “I love movies about glorified extra marital affair!”

The picture she commented on is a scene from Same Time, Next Year, the 1978 film about a married man and a married woman embark on a love affair for 26 years without divorcing their respective spouses. I have spoken about the film quite a number of times either here or on Twitter, which is obvious enough to say that it ranks as one of my all-time favorites.

Same Time, Next Year

I am sure that those of you who have watched the film will be drawn to the charismatic characters, and cannot help liking the film, despite the questionable premise as I mentioned above. After all, when we talk about film, we talk about a whole different world of make-belief and the film succeeds.

In fact, extra marital affair makes a very interesting subject to be brought to big screen.
I’m sure many films on the said subject immediately registers to your mind as we speak.

Want some proof?

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Less than 100 Words Film Review – 3

Summer blockbuster season is here, and thank God for no hiccup this year! Alternative programming gives a refreshing element to cinema going activity this season. Simply said, we just cannot wait to go back to the movies!

Check out the select few of what I’ve seen in the past weeks after the cut.

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Something to remember

Some people stay longer than expected.
They carve abundant of memories, and hope that each one of them is taken as a token of remembrance. The choice is for us to keep, or not.

Some people pass by quickly.
They bring out temporary joy without intention to make a residence. Often surprisingly we are left with no choice but to remember their fleeting presence.

Some people make repeated visits.
Obviously each and every single visit vary in quality. We welcome them at our own conscience, depending on the quality the visit brings, and how we decide to play along with it.

Some people vanish completely from our life.
Yet, how they make us feel will never go away.

Some people are not meant to stay at all.
Yet, their brief time in our memory often goes a long way.

Some people do not come back.
Neither do we.
But the feeling stays.

Sometimes, some people come in our life for a very short time to make a memory that lasts a lifetime.

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Films about the Making-of-Film

So I woke up this morning to the sight of My Week With Marilyn on my TV. This has got to be the third time I watched the film. While it is not a flawless film, it has its own charm that make it worth repeated viewings.

Of course, this entry will not discuss the film at length. After all, you have heard million of times that Michelle Williams was robbed in Oscar night. (Alright, that’s only me.)
But as I watched the film, I suddenly recall another film project that also depicts the making of an old film. It’s the one with Anthony Hopkins playing as Alfred Hitchcock in the film about the making of Psycho. Currently the film, which is still being shot, is tentatively titled Hitchcock. I hope the makers will change the title because, hey, do you want to challenge any film buffs out there to say that Hitchcock is only represented by that one film?

Having both films above in mind, I could not help but wonder if it’ll become common to have an option of “possible reinterpretation to depict behind-the-scene of the film as a separate feature film entity” in the making of future films.
In other simpler words, it may be possible to have more films like My Week With Marilyn or Hitchcock that revolve around the making of a film. After all, behind-the-scene juicy story is worth telling on its own, especially as a film.

And I as keep toying with the idea, I couldn’t help but wonder: what are current and not-so-distant films (maximum 35 years old!) worth being remade as films about making-of-the-films?

Here are my top 4 choices:

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