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Life’s Backup Plan.

Kadang gue suka ngerasa kesel ama diri sendiri. Kadang? Seringnya sih sering!
Masalahnya sepele aja, gue sering ngga bikin rencana yang bagus buat semua apa yang gue kerjain, dan rencana yang bagus ini berarti bikin back-up plan. Kalo udah ga punya back-up plan buat satu hal yang udah terjadi, ditambah lagi dengan kebiasaan jelek yang ga ilang-ilang: never learn from mistakes in the past.

Tadi pagi, udah selesai mandi seger-seger dan siap berangkat kerja, pas mau matiin laptop, si Toshiba ini hang. OK, berarti pencet maksa tombol restart, dan apa yang terjadi?
Failure on restarting!
Si Toshiba tuwir ini stuck bermenit-menit, mati idup mati idup, scan process jalan 15% eh langsung masuk Standby mode (maaf kalo yang bukan techie, sungguh-sungguh gue pun bukan kalo ngga kepaksa!), sampe akhirnya setelah keringetan lagi sambil berdoa “God, jangan biarin computer ini crashed sebelum gue nge backup semua data!” selama hamper setengah jam, si Toshiba bias nge-boot pake Safe-Mode, trus proper shutdown.
At least that was good.
Later? Wallahualam!

Sebenernya si Toshiba ini emang udah uzur, beli 6 tahun lalu pake student loan, dan baru selesai bayar bulan Mei 2004! Nah lho, hebat tho? Beli pas kuliah semester satu, lunas bayar pas dah jadi sarjana setaun lebih. Selama 6 tahun ini emang si item dah masuk klinik berkali-kali, 2x reformat hard-disk, pernah survive kebanjiran, pernah kebanting-banting di pesawat, dan yang bertahan sampe sekarang adalah si almarhum batere yang udah mati dari sekian tahun yang lalu.

Dan kebodohan yang terjadi dalam proses reformat dulu adalah gue tidak menyiapkan back-up, sehingga banyak data2 kehidupan yang ilang! Padahal praktis computer ini jadi inseparable parts hidup gue, karena mulai dari semua assignments mata kuliah gue, surat cinta, foto-foto sampe koleksi MP3 gue yang ribuan itu, lenyap hangus menghilang tanpa jejak, dan belum lagi kehidupan jaman sekarang yang ga lepas dari computer, membuat gue merasa pas kalo di-cast jadi iklan yang pake tagline: “hari gini ga punya computer?”

Believe me, been there, done that!

Image hosted by

Walaupun gue bisa menghibur diri dengan bilang kalo selama masa ga ada computer itu gue bisa dengan tenang baca buku, nonton film di bioskop atau di dvd, denger musik jazz tanpa keganggu suara plang plung plang plung MSN ato Yahoo Messenger, tapi tetep ada yang hilang, ada yang aneh kalo gue ngga bisa nulis sekedar mo bikin resensi atau nulis email immediately.

Sekarang gimana?

Ada problem baru! Walaupun mau ngga mau musti beli si iBook dalam waktu deket (selaen gaya, itu yang paling murah diantara yang laen), yang bikin agak nyesek adalah, what else, money that matters, folks! Dengan beli barang mewah satu ini, berarti gue harus nahan-nahan diri buat bayar installment itu tiap bulannya, paling ngga 1-1,5 taun kedepan, yang berarti, gue ngga bisa keluar dari kerjaan gue sekarang ini, padahal, rencananya mau hibernasi dulu dari kerjaan yang super demanding ini.

So much for life’s reliance on technology.

And so much for life’s dependency over, well, tangible things.

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/film review/ A Good Cast Makes Us Feeling Great To Be "In Good Company"

What if you have a boss that is half your age, and your boss is dating your daughter?

What kind of question is this?

For sure I can’t relate myself to the first question, but given the assumption that if such a thing does happen in an opposite point of view, then the boss should be around my age, and I can see where this judgment would be based on: the view of twenty-something yuppies whom every envied adults would like to say, “The time’s on your side, have fun!”

Indeed, Chris Weitz had a blast in mis-matching the unlikely pair of Dennis Quaid as the sacked ad salesman with Topher Grace as his ambitious younger (much younger) boss who passionately driven to achieve nothing but figures while neglecting his employees to suffer, something that Quaid’s Dan Foreman actually excels in. Add in to their bitter, jittery relationship is Scarlett Johansson’s Alex, Dan’s eldest daughter who is smitten by Grace’s Carter Dureya with all his kookiness and hidden charm. All three perform a ménage-a-trois relationship in clean slate manner enough to garner the film a PG rating although I deem Johansson’s presence is a bit overtly sexual for her character as an 18-year old fresh college student, yet the way she cuddles around Quaid proves to be a lovable look of how a father-daughter closeness should be.

However, if there’s a film whereby the performance of its one relatively-new star overwhelms the film itself, then the credit goes to Topher Grace. Having hidden for too long under the shadow of That 70’s Show ensemble, Grace gracefully embraces his role in a suave, charming manner yet enough to reveal his character’s multi-layered behaviors very well, which surely paved his way to be one reliable actor in the future. Of course, playing a character of the same age does add his effortless way to slip into the shoes of Carter Dureya’s charismatic presence, yet Grace manages to tower over Quaid’s steady-like figure and Johansson’s uneasy performance.

What if Topher Grace becomes the next leading man?

Stick to exploring his sensitivity first, please.

Image hosted by

Final Verdict : One would surely be ‘In Good Company’ when watching this enjoyable flick, thanks to believable, eclectic performance from its cast, particularly Topher Grace in his star-making role.

Grade : B

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Merge or Crash.

When two sides of the brain begin to collide,
Or to merge to form a single thought,

There’ll be only less of emotiveness,
And there’ll be more of …




Good God!

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-scattered words (3)- Not My Films!

Nauval’s note:
-scattered words- series is a series of scattered files in the form of Notepad or Microsoft Word files that are found on my computer and were made long time ago, when blogging was never heard of, when publishing my thoughts to residents of virtual world never came across to my mind. Alas, you will see the progress in how I have evolved, to some extent, and particularly in this case, when the notes below were written sometime back in 2003, when I already started paying attention to film-review, sort of. Save your accusations for later cause, just read if you want to, no harms were done to the people working on dvd-rental stores as I always returned the dvds on time, or to the ushers of cinema halls as I politely woke up by myself after drooling on my sleeps upon watching some horrible films that were best left dreaming. Enjoy!



(not in any particular order)

reason: Wong Kar Wai at his absurdness! While it portrays Leslie Cheung and Maggie Cheung applaudable performances well, and stealing scenes from Rebecca Pan, one can’t help wondering, what Andy Lau’s character has got to do with the whole storyline? (and I suspect the same case happens to Jacky Cheung’s appearance in “Chungking Express”?)

(present reflection: Oh how Ben‘s gonna bash me for this! Hahahaha! My deep apology to all WKW’s fan, it took me a little longer to finally appreciate WKW’s gorgeousness of self-indulgent cinematic experience in which arts melts into pieces of scenes in which every angle would scream “grandeur!”, and not to mention understanding his masterful grasp of underlaying emotions of the characters through subtext of his powerful cinematographic films. Call it pretentious or overtly-stylized, yet WKW stands tall as one of the most respectable directors the modern cinema would shamelessly bow to his greatness.)

2. SOLYARIS (Solaris) (1971)
reason: Intolerably tedious w/ unnecessary scenes go lengthy! Even me and Pei Chin had to take turn sleeping (me at the end of the first part, and she at the beginning)! If you are claustrophobic, definitely this film is something I won’t recommend to you as a cure.

(present reflection: I wholeheartedly stick to my point above, despite getting enough exposure on Andrei Tarkovsky from some articles found in Sights & Sounds earlier this month. It doesn’t mean that I’m not gonna go for his other movies though, but I guess for anyone to make a 4-hour film in a slow-pace movement depicting about the life inside a space shuttle, audience may choose to go for suicidal thoughts happily rather than sacrificing themselves to be tortured mentally. Yet, some scenes in the film linger on my mind until now, particularly the traffic scene in which Andrei chose to show the image of street lights forming into linear pattern, an image impossibly made in the era when the film was made, yet the result strikes as familiar to modern audience.)

3. LA FAUSSE SUIVANTE (The False Servant)
reason: While the concept of transforming a play into a (low budget) film never works any better than this, I can’t help thinking that the lines are uttered plainly, a la French do their talking, maybe? Don’t blame me for falling asleep in the middle of crucial part, but after all, the screenplay puts a nice touch to the characterization of the roles.

(present reflection: Have you ever had an experience that you dislike a certain film so much, yet the film sticks on your memory after it has long gone? This is what I feel towards the film until now, for I can still recall the vivid “staging” the film is made, in which the whole story about the ship-wreck is staged in an entire theatre hall, and the director made it obvious! Perhaps an experiment of a not-properly-tested breakthrough, the main draw of this film lies on Isabelle Huppert’s dignified presence, yet I should’ve known that if I wanted to go for this, I would’ve chosen her other far more superb works.)

reason: Surely the film’s breathtaking cinematography match the catch-me-if-you-can
thriller Hitchcock is best known as in 1950’s, it’s just a matter of time I took when I watched this film. A lesson learned: NEVER watch any thrillers in midday! Definitely one of those films I’m gonna watch again.

(present reflection: Blame it on a heaty afternoon that made me lose my concentration in watching this enjoyable flick which is not supposedly requiring any particular attention in the first place! There you go, figure it out yourself, this is Hitchcock’s at his relaxed, playful direction like the way he did in The Trouble with Harry or even Notorious. Considering the pairing of Grace Kelly and Cary Grant is something worth watching itself, I may have to watch this film one more time before I can give my fair judgment.)

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(put every label you want in this bracket)

have you ever felt being like
nobody with nothing?

i have been.

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/soundtrack of the moment/ To Make You Feel My Love

(Nauval’s prologue:
I guess it’s been quite some time for me not to post or to dedicate one blog-posting for a certain song. There you go, to quench your thirst for another session of mellow-y, melancholy moment, I present a song written by Bob Dylan, and the one that I reel most is the version sung by Garth Brooks which fills the soundtrack of Hope Floats, one of the under-rated films about romance that never seemed to rise in the minds of those self-proclaimed romantic-films junkies.
Simply put, the song’s been hanging inside my mind from this morning, it may or may not be correlated for what’s been felt by, er, my feeling. Yes, the feeling has its own existence and that’s why I pay my respect.

When the rain is blowing in your face
And the whole world is on your case
I could offer you a warm embrace
To make you feel my love

When evening shadows and stars appear
And there is no one to dry your tears
I could hold you for a million years
To make you feel my love

I know you haven’t made your mind up yet
But I would never do you wrong
Ive known it from the moment that we met
There’s no doubt in my mind where you belong

I’d go hungry I’d go black and blue
I’d go crawling down the avenue
There ain’t nothing I wouldn’t do
To make you feel my love

The storms are raging on a rolling sea
And on the highway of regret
The winds of change are blowing wild and free
You ain’t see nothin’ like me yet

There ain’t nothin’ that I wouldn’t do
Go to the ends of the earth for you
Make you happy make your dreams come true
To make you feel my love

(Nauval’s epilogue:
I guess we’ve all had those kind of moment when words seem to be stuck on our throats, unable to be blurted out, or frozen inside the brains, resulted in different things coming out from the mouth. The spoken words might not be the intended intention we initially plan out.
Worry not.
Somehow love channels and reaches to its ultimate in unidentifiable manners

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-scattered words (2)-

“It’s me.”
Aku tahu.
“Well, you know …”
“It’s there.”
“You got everything …”
“Come in.”
“I guess …”
Tolong cepat pergi!.

“What can I say?”
“Not even …”
“This is it.”
“But I want to …”
“What makes you think I want it too?”
Tolong jangan ulangi lagi!

“You should have told me earlier so that I wouldn’t have to wait.”
“But you did.”
“Now you see how hard it is.”
“At least let me be part of it.”
“But you did!”
Tolong diam sekali ini!
Tolong aku supaya melupakanmu!
Tolong aku supaya bisa menamparmu!
Tolong aku supaya mengasihanimu!

“I can’t befriend you, not after this.”
“Not even making me your enemy?”
Kita menghela nafas panjang.
“How could that be?”
“Dismiss me?”
“Completely. Unless you wish to be a disposable one.”
“It’s good while it lasts?”
“It’s more than one deserves. Well, good things finish fast, don’t they?”

Kenapa kita bodoh?

(found: //nauval’s docs, dated: november 15, 2004)

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