How to Prepare a Surprise Visit

13 Mar


– Yourself
– Your friends
– Your lenient boss
– Your company’s well-established Human Resources (HR) system
– Your object of surprise


– Your parents’ immediate visit


– In order to make it happen, do not get surprised yourself! In other words, you can’t afford to be overwhelmed with the surprise you create on your own.
– Be sure to get the right friends of your object of surprise. Apparently, calling them at the very last minute while they were confused with the surprise plan itself might, well, cause the hectic schedule.
– Never create any hints that would evoke any suspicious assumptions from your object of surprise. If you can’t pick up the phone because you are on your way to surprise him, get a better excuse rather than saying “Sorry, dear. I was asleep, didn’t hear you call”, while the truth is that you did not get a seat on the bus all the way from Cengkareng to Blok M.


– Let the pictures speak for themselves.

Image hosted by
* goodness! can’t this woman just sit still when her pictures were taken? hehehe …

Image hosted by
* … and jembi can only do ‘nyureng’

Image hosted by
* the music fest that made my trip a feast

Image hosted by
* their so-called candid pose!

Image hosted by
* oh oh oh! being surrounded by these two angels who helped my arrival went, er, “smoothly” 😛


Twinnie, being my object of surprise
Imesh, for having to endure the beautiful world of Blok M Plaza
Fina, you getting married soon, hiks!
Rio, or shall I say, Rio Mercury 🙂
Kenny, being confused with ‘Clive’ and ‘Linney’
Kathy, being my kirsten DURST
Jembi, whatever made you wearing the orange shirt that evening
Esther, finally a nice ayam bakar to indulge myself in!
Heru, the silent observer
Helly, for providing such a blast to bash
John, almost silent words to talk to
Aldi, more donuts coming in, ok?!
Agus, do not sell your mobile phone yet!
Anri, the truth is revealed 🙂
Giri, after all these empty years in between.

and last but not least,

Java Jazz Organizing Committee, going home from a concert at 2 am is kinda cool!

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