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-scattered words (2)-

“It’s me.”
Aku tahu.
“Well, you know …”
“It’s there.”
“You got everything …”
“Come in.”
“I guess …”
Tolong cepat pergi!.

“What can I say?”
“Not even …”
“This is it.”
“But I want to …”
“What makes you think I want it too?”
Tolong jangan ulangi lagi!

“You should have told me earlier so that I wouldn’t have to wait.”
“But you did.”
“Now you see how hard it is.”
“At least let me be part of it.”
“But you did!”
Tolong diam sekali ini!
Tolong aku supaya melupakanmu!
Tolong aku supaya bisa menamparmu!
Tolong aku supaya mengasihanimu!

“I can’t befriend you, not after this.”
“Not even making me your enemy?”
Kita menghela nafas panjang.
“How could that be?”
“Dismiss me?”
“Completely. Unless you wish to be a disposable one.”
“It’s good while it lasts?”
“It’s more than one deserves. Well, good things finish fast, don’t they?”

Kenapa kita bodoh?

(found: //nauval’s docs, dated: november 15, 2004)

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