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Someone with Labels

Someone to come home to.
Someone to travel with.
Someone to visit on weekend.
Someone to have meals together with.
Someone to greet the first thing in the morning and the last at night.
Someone to watch movies with.
Someone to yell at the hardest when one forgets another’s birthday.
Someone to cry on to when one feels like quitting job.
Someone to remind another to pick up laundry.
Someone to finish another’s sentences.
Someone to feel guilty of upon flirting with strangers.
Someone to call and text when one feels lonely because friends are busy.
Someone to forget when friends are around.
Someone to kiss with heart.
Someone to smile to.
Someone to laugh together with.
Someone to stay silent with and still be understood.

How can the person in us actually do these duties, and many more?
By loving someone else sincerely.


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Post Sunday Dinner Unexpected Talk

X: “Hey!”

Y: “Hey!”

X: “Finally! Haven’t heard from you for a long time.”

Y: “Really? It doesn’t feel that long. Besides, you haven’t really looked for me, have you?”

X: “When one had done the searching at first, then one is entitled to being … searched, or found. No?”

Y: “No, not really. One’s gotta keep looking.”

X: “Is that so? Then what if the object of search has disappeared all of a sudden without a trace?”

Y: “Then one doesn’t search hard enough.”

X: “How do you know if the effort to search is hard enough, or not?”

Y: “No, I don’t know the answer to that, really. Because to me, it doesn’t feel like you look for me or reach out to me. Why? Because I kept thinking about you. I know, it sounds weird, considering we barely meet, but it kinda feels good to think about you in the morning when I’m on my way to work, or sometimes at night when I finish my dinner. Crazy, right?”

X: “And you did not hit the reply button.”

Y: “Yeah, well, I’m sorry. I can’t justify that. Nor I can justify that so-called hard search in one email in every four days. One short email of less than fifty words! But in my defense, a weak defense, having you in mind does not make my days feel long.”

X: “I guess we keep each other in mind differently then.”

Y: “What’s the point of being the same? I don’t love myself that much. I’d rather love someone else completely different from what I am. That’s the point of falling, right?”

X: “And who’s the person then?”

Y: “Why don’t you find out? You’re on the search, aren’t you?”

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