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what’s a holiday?

… when the mind’s not resting from thinking of many things, and concentrating on one thing that should have been the most comforting on the first place?
again, i am drawn to the confusion state of my silence, of my silent surrender that may not be seen or recognized, due to its passiveness (if there’s such a word), and so much so to the extent that i may not recognize it myself.
what am i talking about here?
another random thoughts that i yet to decipher the original threads which hopefully would lead me, and take me away from the misery.
as they say, misery loves good company, yet somehow, this company of ours is strong enough to resist any incoming waves trying to hit our resistence.
can we?
will we?

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Posted by on 09/25/2005 in English


relax. rejuvenate. rehat.

i’m back, baby!

IAF was a blast, a journey of (slighly more than) one-year preparation finally paid off last saturday, 17 september 2005, a date that will not surely be forgotten among us, around-80-committee members of this show.

yet, allow me to take a step back for a while to evaluate and look back in retrospect, while indulging myself on the beautiful scent of my hometown.

i’ll be back, baby! 🙂

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Posted by on 09/21/2005 in English