how to turn yourself into a zombie in 24 hours?

21 Aug

Saturday, August 20

13.20 – Arrived at Sekolah Indonesia Singapura (SIS) at Siglap Road, immediately sat in short informal meeting of Creative Team and Production Manager

13.30 – Lunch break

14.30 – Start rehearsal from beginning

16.00 – Still rehearsal on the first part

17.00 – Touch-up rehearsal of scenes involving numbers of people, without the actual people showed up.

17.30 – End of rehearsal, looking for some missing props.

18.15 – Urgent meeting of Creative Team + Director

19.00 – Start re-working rundown/flowchart of detailed show from Pre-Show to Closing Scene. In another words, from the very beginning to the very end.

20.00 – Pre-Show touch-up, detailing things that happen before the show starts.

21.10 – Entering discussion on the beginning of 1st Half

21.30 – Dinner break

22.30 – Still mulling over with 1st Half, run through everything inside the scenes appearing during the 1st Half.

23.30 – Stuck with stage design for 1st Half

Sunday, August 21

00.30 – Stuck at the same problem

01.30 – Received 6 missed calls from twinnie

02.30 – Done with 1st Half, finally saw the word of ‘Intermission’ on paper

02.45 – Start working on 2nd Half

03.45 – Sailing through first scene nicely

04.45 – Touch-up on performance scene

05.45 – 70% of whole show is done

06.00 – Hailed a cab home

07.00 – Ready to sleep

10.30 – Woke up because of the nightmare about the show

11.30 – (Should be ready to be) Off to rehearsal scheduled at 1 pm again

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