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04 Aug

By any means, this posting will go down in history as (one of) the most personal entries I’ve ever written in my blog. Like I’ve never written anything personal before, you might say :), and I shall have no objection on that. But to me, my blog is one perfect medium to release the opinionated side of me when it comes to criticizing and analyzing things I indulge myself in, and by now, you know that my ultimate indulgence is films, followed by books and music. In fact, I’ve realized that I tend to write more on concerts and plays, rather than films. At least my writings that managed to get published were around plays and concerts, and shamefully I have to admit that none of my film writings ever got published. Not yet, I suppose. But I keep on writing about film though, regularly after I watch any films, or whenever I feel like it.

So you see, I’m not a good writer myself. What was initiated as something else, turn out to be, aptly, anything else. It’s really hard to keep ourselves focused with so many distractions around. The buzzing phones, the beeping sounds of messenger windows, the flashy lights of camera, the flickering images on TV, whoever should we to blame for many recent analysis on how modern human beings tend to be more having short-span attention? Or is it short-attention span?

This is the writing of someone who only manages to scan through the title of headlines in newspaper. It is some kind of privilege to be able obscuring Reuters, New York Times, Kompas, Associated Press as daily staple alongside my usual Ice Mountain Drinking Water. Yet, the number of those papers actually shows how to read thoroughly in each and every article would be an impossible feat to achieve.

Bottom line is, I know that some of you have made efforts to drop by here for the past few days. And yet, none of words actually be delivered to reply your gratitude. Or even to reply your visit.
For the sake of recap, so my twinnie came here for 3 days, and I managed to secure half-day leave from my office on those days. Then I struggled again with my work, made a day off again for another errand, and weekends from last week onwards would be dedicated wholeheartedly for IAF.
Yet the bang itself happened on Sunday morning when my beautifully shaped butt flirted with my blue mug containing hot, strong, creamy coffee which was ‘nicely’ positioned next to my iBook baby. There you go, splish splash!
The right side of keyboard was filled with golden brown of coffee, and immediately I had to rush my white baby to Apple Centre @ Orchard for quick recovery, although it is very likely that I’ve got to void its warranty. Remember baby, your daddy here has not finished paying your installment, and now some nice amount of hundreds of bucks I’ve got to pay for your bail? What a cutesy naughty white-y you! 😉

Well, what can I say? Sunday’s nite concert of John Pizzarelli managed to shift my troubled mind, thanks to his eclectic performance, and the uninterrupted flows of DVDs will surely keep my weeknights full. After all, it is nice to be at home of yourself.

The month looks good, indeed.

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