Summer Storm

18 May

When something considered as ‘unusual’ is brought up, and that ‘unusuality’ strikes our attention, we may forget the flaws it may bring.

I can’t help comparing the film above to this particular documentary film called Capturing the Friedmans, although upon first impression, you may ask:

“How can you compare a gay-themed drama to a raw documentary on pedophilia?”

Without any doubt the two films differ greatly from one another in terms of content, but if we look carefully towards the latter, we will see how the documentary has been unbelievably polished and carefully staged to soften otherwise disturbing theme on one particular sexual behavior. There is no a clear stand on the film maker’s point of view which may prompt the audience to be sided with certain perspective, the disturbing theme is presented as a matter-of-fact manner, with a little touch-up on dramatic movements.

Such a fashion also propels Arisan to stardom of popularity among its niche market, and now, the similar path is also followed by Summer Storm.

Summer Storm

Definitely made to please its own intended audience, the film relies heavily on visual presence of its actors who manage to force us in our seat until the credit rolls out. Apart from that, the story of coming-out-as-gay-trapped-in-a-straight-man-world slids nicely like a taste of lollipop melting in our mouth, without leaving any impression or remembrance.

Yet, like the sweet lollipop who enthralls us with its eye-catching colorful wrap, so does the film in turning itself into one predictable set-up. A guy falls in love with his fellow teammate who wants to embark on a sexual encounter with his girlfriend, and the whole journey of sexual discovery seems to be disposable at any given time by the gorgeous parade of good looking Caucasian actors basking under the sun during the summer season.

And when the summer ends, characters have transformed themselves to be more contented individuals, the life-changing problems are left behind easily as mere dust in the wind, we finish watching one watchable film, we can only wonder:

an ordinary theme presented differently, or an unusual story brought up plainly?

Summer Storm

What a waste to the latter.

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