(and i can’t think of any titles, i’m too thrilled!)

20 May

alright, here i am again. i can’t keep my excitement inside very well …

Give me a chance to catch my breath
Cause I’m in a state of awe
Guess miracles do never cease
For we’re back together now

Pardon me please if I pinch myself
So to know this is not a dream
As I reminisce the love we shared
And the pain there was between

Look at the clouds in the sky
They seem so happy now
Look at the sun, feel its rays
With such a smiling face
Maybe we can’t but maybe we can
With the love that we’re feeling inside
Share it with all the world and see each heart
Kiss lonely good-bye

let the countdown begins. it’s just a moment away …

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Posted by on 05/20/2005 in English


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