some egoism.

08 May

what is it like, to see yourself inside other people’s being?

when you’re supposed to acknowledge their existence, yet your egoism draws you back, only to think of your own being’s benefits?

or actually the need to see yourself clearly and truthfully begins to emerge, so much so that it actually needs to be triggered from other people’s journey?

how can you be strong when you are required to be so in the first place, rather than start questioning hoop of holes circling around your life?

whoever says that they are never taken aback by other people’s misfortune, is it as pure as a lie or a mere coincidence?

or those who shamelessly rips off the good sides of the unfortunate events and apply them to themselves, who are we to judge and to condemn?

where does it go from here? to a long-lasting thoughtful thinking process.

why does it have to happen? to ensure that life still goes on.

and tonight my dear free-spirited one,
your dearly beloved soul may spin your life around.

but tomorrow and the day after,
your angelic strokes,
your twisted moves,
your trembling chords,
they prevail until the end.


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Posted by on 05/08/2005 in English


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