Festival Film Indonesia (FFI) 2004 — Back with a Vengeance!

07 Dec

Whoever created that list of hoax nomination last time, I salute you, for fooling me and to the extent of some reputable newspapers in believing your well-crafted lies.

Proficiat! It took some guts to come up with that, some critical, thoughtful process which surely cost you all a lot.

I can relate to it, because this is exactly what has been happening to me, for the first time in my blogging-history, ada rasa keterpaksaan buat nulis gara-gara nominasi palsu ini, jadi begitu nominasi resmi nan official was officially published, oh well … Beban moral dong ah buat nulis!

In addition, something, or rather, a few things might hinder me from giving my best shot in commenting:

Marsinah and Mengejar Matahari.

I have not been able to witness myself these two works from two directors coming from a totally different background and interest. Argh! The unfortunate side of not being there …

Anyway, may I have the envelope, please?

Best Picture:

– Ada Apa Dengan Cinta?

– Arisan!

– Eliana, Eliana

– Marsinah

– Mengejar Matahari

Nauval says:

Wow! I always have this opinion (and proudly stick to it) that Indonesians are great story tellers when it comes to domestic lives or the likes of them, and the past winners of this category show how both filmmakers, critics and audience in general would reel in peeking at other people’s lives, dramatized in such a manner that need not be greatly departed from the actual bases, unless, a towering theme, larger-than-life, presented in a grandeur style, showy and flashy scenes throughout the flick will surely sweep this coveted prize off (think of Tjoet Nja’ Dhien).

Take a look at the nominees once again.

A good-hearted teen-flick, 101:Introduction to Gay Life, a mother and a daughter confronting egos and emotional ride over one-night trip, Norma Rae with a tragic ending, and friendship that has to be tested.

No swords-and-sandal epic, no literary works done half-baked, no art-y, confusing, high-brow works. As simple as it can be, the jury decides to choose the flicks that matter most to public, how they can see themselves on it. After all, we are living in an era of reality series, and there can be no greater guilty pleasure than seeing how the lives of us we lead every single hour being blown up in a gigantic size.

Straight to my prediction, AADC?, Arisan! and MM would surely benefit from its box-office takings, while Marsinah and Eliana, Eliana have to rely on badly-needed and strong word-of-mouth to get noticed. Worry not, this is not the popularity contest a la that particular award, and I hope that the jury will pick Eliana, Eliana for its smart subtlety on urban life context enriched with psychological and emotional insights, enhanced with the use of digital format to emphasize on its real-look.

Hey, a digital film as a best picture, that doesn’t sound bad, ay?

However, the daring take of a certain social issue once considered as something taboo to be brought up (some people still think so, oh please!), completed with a candy-for-the-eye presentation will be likely to sweep off the jury’s feet. Arisan! manages to bring the controversial issue into the surface of public’s attention without necessarily creating a stir or a heated furor, sort of.

To silence people with a charming style, ain’t that a big WOW?

I salute AADC? for its breakthrough in awaking the film industry after a long sleep, however, being labelled as a teen-flick may prove to be a boomerang in getting this award.

The friendship theme of Mengejar Matahari does not hold a potential to be considered as a best picture, and last but not least, Marsinah, truly has a shot with its strong political theme, outdated as the issue might be, sorry to say, so is the film which did not manage to bring up the public’s attention again, when it was just needed.

Will win: Arisan!

Should win: Eliana, Eliana

Should have been nominated: Pasir Berbisik

Best Director:

– Rudy Sudjarwo (Ada Apa Dengan Cinta?)

– Nia DiNata (Arisan!)

– Riri Riza (Eliana, Eliana)

– Rudy Sudjarwo (Mengejar Matahari)

– Slamet Raharjo (Marsinah)

Nauval says:

Congrats, Rudy! You knock down the supposedly stiff competition with your honest works created with full-of-heart good-feeling nature, and being ‘the one who revolutionized’ surely helps you getting an extra remark.

Yet, my vote goes to Riri Riza for his most mature work to date, proving that he is truly one serious filmmaker whose works have come from a long, thoughtful process, and taking the socio-demographical issue of urbanization by reeling in the psychological side wouls definitely need to be applauded.

BUT then, how can a Best Picture winner declared a true winner if its director is not awarded as well? I can only recall that way back more than a decade ago when Cinta Dalam Sepotong Roti was announced as a best picture winner, Garin did not get the award as a best director, which went to Imam Tantowi instead for Soerabaia’45 (why nobody remembered this film, it’s beyond my comprehension!).

Nia has shown in her Arisan! how smart she is to tackle the gay issue well without being exploitative or vulgar, creating an intelligent view of the alternative life some people indulge in.

Hmmm … Slamet Raharjo?

Will win: Nia DiNata

Should win: Riri Riza

Should have been nominated: Nan Achnas (Pasir Berbisik)

Best Actor:

– Derby Romero (Petualangan Sherina)

– Nicolas Saputra (Ada Apa Dengan Cinta?)

– Tora Sudiro (Arisan!)

– Tosan Wiryawan (Marsinah)

– Winky Wiryawan (Mengejar Matahari)

Nauval says:

Wish I were there when the nominations were announced so I could feel myself the experience of amazement when this name was mentioned: Derby Romero.


I couldn’t stop giggling, scratching my head, thinking: What? Why? Does it have to? Is it necessary?

Boy, worry not, just come to the event on 11 December, sit back, relax, do NOT prepare any speech, just … sit there, okay?

(What was the jury thinking?)

Enough of cursing Tora Sudiro. Enough. If the dear jury would like to award an actor with a challenging role, get this right: not to a bad actor.

Can’t comment on Tosan and Winky (do they really share the same last name?), but judging from the recent win of Winky in MTV Indonesia Movie Awards for Best Cry, well, doesn’t it prove that he’s dramatic enough?

Tosan’s leading role in a film that carries a title and theme revolving around a single figure of a woman may be hard to get noticed, after all, Slamet Rahardjo was not awarded in Tjoet Nja’ Dhien, and the late Tuti Indra Malaon’s signature role was in Ibunda.

Okie dokie, who’s gonna win then? One name has not been mentioned yet, as hesitant as I can be, with a deep sigh of having to give up to a necessity, just keep silent, make a history of awarding a heartthrob, and I mention the name only once.

Nicolas Saputra.

I can’t believe this.

Will win: Nicolas Saputra

Should win: (have a strong curiosity for Winky Wiryawan’s performance)

Should have been nominated: FERRY SALIM (Ca Bau Kan) — he outshines them all!!!

Best Actress:

– Christine Hakim (Pasir Berbisik)

– Dian Sastro (Ada Apa Dengan Cinta?)

– Dian Sastro (Pasir Berbisik)

– Jajang C. Noer (Eliana, Eliana)

– Rachel Maryam (Eliana, Eliana)

Nauval says:

Dian Sastro. She’s that gem, isn’t she? Look at how the two roles greatly differ from one another. I love her scene with Dessy Fitri when they two rolled over the field, and who could forget the emotional scene when she is asked by Didi Petet to touch herself? Add in the fact that she has won rave reviews and several awards for her performance there, not to mention her ability in standing tall along some legendary actress from Jambi has benefitted her in many ways she can’t imagine herself. Her double nomination shouldn’t hurt her chance here.

Yet, I immediately fall in love with Rachel Maryam with her nuanced performance in Eliana, Eliana. Carrying the title on her shoulder alone, while the camera never seems to move away from her brooding expression throughout the flick, she manages to convey the character inside, comfortable in Eliana’s skin instead of merely acting as, this is the kind of performance that will always get underrated.

I still stick to my opinion from previous post that Christine and Jajang have better shots in supporting role category.

Will win: Dian Sastro

Should win: Rachel Maryam

Should have been nominated: Cut Mini (Arisan!), Lola Amaria (Ca Bau Kan), Ria Irawan (Biola Tak Berdawai)

Best Supporting Actor:

– Didi Petet (Pasir Berbisik)

– Djaduk Ferianto (Petualangan Sherina)

– Mang Diman (Ada Apa Dengan Cinta?)

– Slamet Raharjo (Pasir Berbisik)

– Surya Saputra (Arisan!)

Nauval says:

Enough of Surya, worse than Tora, that sums it all.

As much as I salute the initiative the long overdue recognition of Mang Diman’s existence in the entertainment industry, I can’t help the fact that his role is too small to be even considered as as scene-stealer.

As much as I agree that Slamet Raharjo’s role is one essential key linked the two main characters there, you have to be patient in watching his performance there, and suddenly … gone!

As much as I love Sherina in her adventurous film, it’s Djaduk Ferianto whose presence will always linger on the memory. He inhabits his Kertarejaksa character so vividly, I often find myself humming his song “Akulah Kertarejasa …”.

As much as I have to endure a seemingly endless trip in Pasir Berbisik, it’s Didi Petet who saves my day in one of his very few antagonistic role, convincing in a chilling show-off, his smirk is unbelievably terrifying.

Will win: Didi Petet

Should win: Djaduk Ferianto

Should have been nominated: Joseph Ginting/Robby Tumewu (Ca Bau Kan)

Best Supporting Actress:

– Aida Nurmala (Arisan!)

– Ladya Cheryll (Ada Apa Dengan Cinta?)

– Megarita (Marsinah)

– Rachel Maryam (Arisan!)

Nauval says:

This will be the last time I say this: the good performances of leading roles in Arisan! come ONLY from Cut Mini and Rachel Maryam. No further explanation needed.

Which is to say that Rachel has a lock in this category, her comic timing never gets off-key, she has a sparkling presence, looks like making a strong statement that sidekick role needs not to be under appreciated.

I don’t bother about the rest.

Will win: Rachel Maryam

Should win: Rachel Maryam

Should have been nominated: Henidar Amroe/Jajang C. Noer (Eliana, Eliana), Christine Hakim (Pasir Berbisik)


Have a fun celebration! Please, I hope this is the official list! 🙂

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