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Keeping the Faith

Coba di check, berapa orang terdaftar di address book cellular phone kita? PDA? Organizer? Buku alamat?

Dan berapa orang yang masuk ke dalem daftar frequently-called/contacted/written to?

Pertanyaan menohok? Apalagi ke gue! *nyengir*

Sering udah gue ngobrolin ama temen2 gue, masih teringat juga omongan gue ama PJ taun lalu over breakfast-by-the-bay di tangga Marina Square sambil ngeliatin gedung Esplanade makan sandwich tuna,
“Wow! Can’t you believe that it actually takes us a full-time commitment to keep up a friendship?”
“Tell me about it, dear! All the keep-in-touch thingy …”
“… making effort to meet up …”
“… calling them up …”
“… sending festive cards, or rather email these days …”
“Emails! Spare time to do that also!”
“Yeah, but we don’t feel obliged about it, rite? We enjoy it because, well, we need that, we become an inseparable part of the process, the subject! not just a helpless object …”
“… and the temptation of a bunch of new people coming in, going off from our lives … “
“So, I don’t know, do you think we can do this breakfast thing on, let’s say … 5 years time?”

Kita cuman bisa diam, smile to each other, and we know what that means.

Dan awal minggu ini perasaan itu tertohok lagi ketika satu malam, out of the blue, telpon gue bunyi, and the name on the screen was: Jeremy.

“Heeyyy, what happened to you??”
“What happened to YOU, Jer?”
“Like this lor, still trying to find a job … (ga perlu gue terusin, hehehe) … Ay, you’ll go and see that showcase or not?”
“Got one free tix for The Sea Inside, but only one lah! Thinking of Nobody Knows …”
“I also want to watch that! So how? Can you buy tix for us since you’ll get discount, rite? Hehehe”
“Yeah yeah, for who ah? Me, you, your girlfriend?”
“Nah, Val can’t make it. But I asked Claudia, she said she should be able to make it. I called PJ, she hasn’t returned my call. Dunno about Jac lah, any idea?”
“Jac? (*gulp!*) Hehehehe … Haven’t seen them for ages, especially PJ, since she came back from Spain, dunno! Jac also, last time I met her after her break-up lah”
“My God! What happened to all of you, man?”
“I don’t know, hahahaha … Guess we’re too busy with our own lives? I know that sounds lame lah, hehehe”
“My God! You all three ah … Gosh, I can only wonder”
“Hahahah, me too, Jer!”

Thank God, last nite meeting with Jeremy and Jac (minus PJ, God knows where she is now!) did not have to go through the usual “basa-basi” stuff like, “How are you?” “What have you been up to?” and stuff. Luckily the chemistry still exists, and how I miss Jac’s diva behaviour in seeing a film! Hand roam freely in the air, scream and giggle uncontrollably when people seem to sit still, and cry hysterically without forgetting to respond to the continuous buzzes from her mobile! Hahahahaha .. How I hate people doing that in the movies, but with you Jac, movie-going experience always turns out to be something fruitful.
Jeremy, what else can I say? We always have disagreement to the extreme that whenever Jeremy says that a certain film is worth-watching, I would say the other way around, vice cersa, and we just live in full peace 🙂
PJ, I don’t think you’ll ever have time to read this, but you and I survived that bloody claustrophobic Solaris for 4 hours together! We shall be able to survive everything else together, God, miss u!

Buat semua yang terabaikan, buat semua yang terbengkalai, atas semua pembicaraan kita dalam lisan dan tulisan yang menjadikan gue apa adanya sekarang, maaf gue yang sedalem-dalemnya.
Gue ngga boleh mengatasnamakan waktu yang sempit, karena waktu tak pernah berubah jumlahnya dalam bilangan konstan.
Insan ini yang bernama Nauval yang mungkin tak pernah bisa menunjukkan segala rasa empati dan simpati yang ia punya untuk semua.
Sekali lagi gue haturkan maaf gue.

As much as I hate HANSON, I can’t help recalling their song Mmmbop:
you have so many relationships in this life/only one or two will last…”

I love Friendster! 🙂
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