Define the Definite Definition of Divine Dignity.

04 Dec

Ah, here I am, Saturday morning 4 am, without any sign of going to bed any sooner.

Insomnia? Gee, I hope not! I dealt with this irritating sickness when I was in college way back 3-4 years ago, so I should be fine, it’s a matter of having so many thoughts running through my heads with only having one blog to blurt out. Or rather, a collective of thoughts that has been buried inside since the mid of this week, when the workloads began killing my mentality! Any HR officer here? Oh ada ternyata, dirimu Jeng yah! :d Mungkin patut diusulkan tentang asuransi kesejahteraan mental pekerja akibat tekanan beban kerja yang diberikan secara mendadak di tengah-tengah minggu untuk diselesaikan di akhir minggu alias tadi! Whewwww … Just barely reaching the deadline, but final consolidation? God knows!

So, what was meant to be a perfect moment to de-stress this exhausted piece of bones and flesh turned out to be, well, something unthinkable:

Wenny (over MSN) —

“Babe, makan yuk, stress nih gue”

“Aduh sorry say, gue ada janji ama Eja, ga bisa dinner. Cabut dulu yak”

Aki (over MSN) —

“Ki, Fong Seng yuk”

“Gue mo makan ama boss gue, ama mo ke Boom Boom Room, mau ga?”

“Boom Boom Room? Ga ada tenaga gue buat clubbing, dinner aja yuk”

“Tanya Agee deh, dia nyari temen tuh”

Zefri —

“Zef, it’s me! Feel like catching … eeerr … Putri Gunung Ledang tonite? Hehehe, I know that film …”

“Oh dear, sorry, I don’t think …”

Tuuutttt. Must be inside the lift or something.

Anoe’ —

“Lagi dimana, babe?”

“Toa Payoh, mo on the way siaran”

“Lah, masih siaran juga elo?”

“Cuman 2-4 kali sebulan ini, pasti elo mo ngajak dinner deh! Giliran gue ajak kemaren2 elo ga bisa”

“Ya kan gue lembur! Ya su deh, Minggu pagi squash ya”

“Dateng aja lah, gue booking ntar”

PJ —

“Hey, Diva!”

“Hahahaha … Not anymore! Wait, are you STILL in the office?”

“Yeah, only for tonite lah, what’s up?”

“It’s been like what, 7-8 months not meeting up with you? So I guess dinner tonite won’t be possible, eh?”

“Naaahhh … Oh God, yeah, any changes from you?”

“I don’t know, you’ve gotta see it yourself!”

“Hahahahaa, next week then, Siglap maybe?”

“OK lah.”

Copper —

“This is Copper, I’m not able to pick up your call …”

(Darn it, Wolu Singer perform hari ini apa kemaren sih? Teguh juga dong kalo gituh!)

Agatha —

“Say, Fong Seng yuk!”

“Laahh, kemaren gue ajakin katanya elo lembur malem ini, gue dah kadung bikin janji ama si bapak”

“Laahh, elo janji ama dia? Gila!”

“Tadi ketemu di kantor, ya udah, maen tenis trus dinner kali, tau gitu kan gue ngobrol-ngobrol ama elo, besok elo sampe malem kan?”

“Yaaa gituu deehh, ntar Minggu juga ngopi-ngopi kan kita”

“Ya udah deh say, met istirahat”

Suhaimi —

“Bang, still on reservist?”

“Just finished actually, going out ah?”

“Yeah, but probably just for dinner, or coffee, or something”

“I just had my dinner actually, hahahah … It’s always like this when we made plans, whenever you’re busy, I was free then … Oh well, next week maybe? I’m quite free now …”

“… Oh, the school hasn’t started yet, rite? OK lah, see maybe next week with Pierre!”

Bogi —

“Gi, performance nya mulai jam berapa?”

“Jam 7.30, di The Edge-nya, elo dateng nih? Soalnya yang laen ga bisa!”

“Hmmm … Jauh Gi, gue lagi capek, elo dimana?”

“Masih di Mount E, ntar langsung ketemu disana deh kalo jadi!”

“Liat ntar aja gimana, Gi!”

Thank God that Desember’s edition of FIRST Magazine is out today after being several days’ late, otherwise my plan to wander around Holland V. would only be an empty-handed experience! Or is it an excuse of inability in getting rejuvenated and recuperated? I don’t know, but all I can remember that it is my first Friday evening I spent at home, in my room staring at my old faithful laptop trying to figure out how to modify my blog which resulted in a much more presentable manner, at least someone has given a praise for it, hahahaha! Thanks Doel, it has surely brightened up my sleepy morning :).

Tell me whether this is a good habit or not: tiap pulang kerja, hampir-hampir gue ngga pernah langsung pulang ke rumah dari tempat kerja.

I mean, there’ll always be places to visit, films to catch, library materials to be returned, meeting old friends, talk-over-nothing while sipping cuppa, kalo pun gue langsung pulang ke rumah, well, you can guarantee that it is for the sake of changing clothes! Welcome to my comfort zone folks, with the benefits of having a flat located nearby the city area :D.

That’s why it’s kind of odd when I met my two dear buddies, Fay and Iphonek (with the engagement ring!) way back on February in Citos:

N — “Eh, weekend kalian ngapain?”

F — “Haduh, weekend mah dah bingung deh ….”

I — “Banyak tempat neh yang musti dikunjungin! Hehehehe!”

F — “Ya gitu deh, kadang kalo ngga ke (nama kafe di Jakarta yang gue ngga ngeh), ya ke (nama club di Jakarta yang gue ga pernah tau kalo eksis!)

I — “Ato cobain ke (nama pub di Jakarta yang entah di belahan mana), enak banget kaya di (nama tempat entah buat apa, jangan-jangan tempat prakteknya mak Erot kesebut juga!)

N — “Wah seru bener!”

F — “Lha kamu ndiri?”

N — “Gue? (*gulp! dengan berdasarkan kenyataan dulu gue tinggal di Regent Heights Bukit Batok*) Jumat malem pasti dah rebutan nyuci baju ama housemate, soalnya mesin cuci nya lama bener, ga ada pengeringnya juga, jadi musti dijemur, dan tempat jemuran kecil, jadi keringnya juga baru 2 hari gitu deh, kalo ngga ya jemur di tangga pemadam kebakaran. Sabtu masih males-malesan sih, kebetulan ada mall deket jadi makan disitu, ato nonton. Minggu kerja bakti lah, giliran bersiin dapur, kamar mandi, ruang tamu, nyapu rumah, ngepel”

I was met by dua tampang dongo bengong melongo.

I — “Busyet … Jauh-jauh kerja elo jadi pembokat neh?”

N — “Lah, kalo bukan gue yang ngerjain sapa lagi? Lagian kapan lagi coba?”

F — “Hari-hari biasa?”

N — “Haduh, mana sempet! Kan beredar … Hehehehehe …”

But I guess to some extent it might be right, I understand that here, we are lucky enough to be blessed with a good accessibility to roam freely within the small space anytime we feel like doing it, thus it may leave a bundle of exhaustiveness collected throughout the weekdays to be unloaded by the weekends, which translate to the conclusion that laying on bed throughout the weekends is highly permissible!

Naahhh! Not me, a Saturday or a Sunday, full day, spent at home is a total waste! If it has to be done that way, make sure a Criterion Collection DVD full of extra features is ready by my side to indulge in to.

Wait! Throughout the past hour I’ve been writing this without realizing that from next week onwards, IAF starts working extensively … Nyeah nyeah nyeaahhh … Hahahahha … Punteeen kalo ada yang baca ini, huehehehehe … *fokus!*


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