In One’s Skin

05 Oct

To be able to step into someone else’s skin and comfortably walk around with it.

To be able to create a certain existence of somewhat a creature whom we, his fellow human being, are breathing and injecting lives to that soulless piece. In short, it’s a matter of playing God.

To be able to setup a world on its own without necessarily imitating any existing atmospheres, because after all, this world will not speak any sound of compromisation to regulations.

“… and as I departed/I only took what I needed/I guess I’ve changed my address …”

(Diana Krall – I’ve Changed My Address)

To be able to imagine and dream of putting ourselves in a land of impossibilites and carefully tip-toeing along the greener grass so not to get drowned.

This is my oasis.

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Posted by on 10/05/2004 in English, Personal


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