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Bastards out of Carolina

If you happen to be familiar with the title of this mini-series (or TV movie?), well, I’ve to tell you that I’ve come across this title before, yet I haven’t seen it. So don’t attempt to initiate any discussion about this flick as I will reply you with a blank stare of ‘i-have-no-idea’. It just came across my mind when at the wee hours of this morning, me and my friends were in a long conversation about, what else, bastards.

Those unreachable people equipped with certain qualities that will melt your ego down, charming as they may seem with their gorgeous presence or intelligence, and the “best” part is that they KNOW they have all those enviable qualities, thus leads them to use ’em whenever they feel like using.

But, we are lured to them. We fall under their spells, several times.

Why? Do we like to be hurt? Do we always want to experience being dumped all over again? Is it what they call as ‘human nature’ for one has secretly always wished to be tortured? Or, the basic instinct to fight for the unreachable ones?

Another piece of thought that came up this morning is simply the fact that we are born with those urges. Heck, even when the ovum is about to receive the sperm, she’s looking for the one that fights most!

Oh dear …

Well, back to the world of human being existence in the world, I was once attracted to this bastard as well, only to find that the memory of bad break-up, hatred and disposition lingers vividly until now.

Gee, who are these people with such a strong, haunting presence?

— tracks from OST – Grace of My Heart accompanies this writing —

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