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Staging Life, or a Stagey Life?

Ready. Lights. Action!

Or more like, Just Do It?!

Whatever it is, let’s start.

This is me, my piece of thoughts scattered around your viewing space.

Everyday, everytime, I play a different role that I present on different stages of the same atmosphere of a breathing life.

One thing separates me from an amateur performer: Never comes across to my mind to unmask the mask.

This mask, that I am touching now through the tips of my fingers to feel the skin reveling inside every single pore, keeps getting thicker, fuller, and heavier everytime as it constantly adds on with dirt, splash of water, powder, spits, slaps, punch, kiss, and whisper.

I breathe heavily when I am about to give my wide smile while my eyelids start getting shut and I can sense my wrinkles lining around my face.

I stare blankly at whatever things present when I am about to fight every single drop of tears falling down across my face, and my mouth, it could only open widely in an expression full of amazement.

“…this is my way, bear with it/you don’t wanna get hurt knowing it … my departure/is meant to make you relieved…”

My lips are moving and they say: I am sorry.

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