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Satu Babak.

Kamu tersenyum. Padaku? Kenapa aku?

“You know what, you’ve one of the nicest smiles around.”

“Me? Hahahaha! C’mon, what are you trying to say?”

“Really, I … Yeah, I guess that was a lie!”

Maafkan aku tak bisa membalas senyummu.

Seandainya kamu tahu apa yang ada di pikiranku saat ini.

Seandainya kamu tidak beranjak pergi di satu pagi.

Seandainya kamu lebih punya hati.

“If only you don’t have to say it …”

“But I’ve to! I want to show you …”

“Like I want to know what you want to show!”

“And keep walking away from reality!”

“Because I’m not looking for reality with you!”

“You worship me …”

“As how it is in my dream.”

Beri aku satu pertanda apakah aku harus tersenyum padamu.

Apakah kamu berharap satu balasan setimpal dari aku?

Ataukah aku harus bersikap mengasihanimu?

Seandainya aku bisa melangkah lebih jauh lagi.

Seandainya aku tidak tersendat dalam alunan nada kenyamanan.

Seandainya aku tidak pernah mengenalmu.

Seandainya aku tidak pernah berdiri disini.


(nyontek Yuka-B)


In One’s Skin

To be able to step into someone else’s skin and comfortably walk around with it.

To be able to create a certain existence of somewhat a creature whom we, his fellow human being, are breathing and injecting lives to that soulless piece. In short, it’s a matter of playing God.

To be able to setup a world on its own without necessarily imitating any existing atmospheres, because after all, this world will not speak any sound of compromisation to regulations.

“… and as I departed/I only took what I needed/I guess I’ve changed my address …”

(Diana Krall – I’ve Changed My Address)

To be able to imagine and dream of putting ourselves in a land of impossibilites and carefully tip-toeing along the greener grass so not to get drowned.

This is my oasis.

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