Ode to My Blog

23 Jun

Hello there!

Now.Far., aren’t you?

It’s kinda weird to call you by that name, since I’ve never been used to it, until now.

I know you’re gonna react that way, bulging eyes and a big “O” forming from your lips, just before you scream out … “What?!”

I thought that all these time I’ve been leaving my marks on you would make me knowing you completely. Well, now I realize that not even a drop of water from the sky will fidget me to see that, I have not known you completely.

You see, well, come to think of it, I don’t even have to ask you for that since your stationary means you’ve been standing there still for me all the time, without me realizing that. Pinch me.

Let’s put it this way.

As we both know, I haven’t been myself lately. I’ve felt, you know, burned out from the life I’ve chosen to lead. Yes, the stupefying one that I haven’t been able to detach myself from.
I was stressed out, dear.
Then I felt worse because I’ve been neglecting you by just looking at you without even making a single gesture to touch you, let alone to hold you dearly like what I’ve used to do.

I thought by leaving you on your own, I would be able to “take a break” like what I always long for. But then I realize that I couldn’t leave you.

Because you are my shelter of rejuvenation, of consolation and of hope.

Because I realize that when I strike the keyboards to type the set of letters in you, I know that I can be myself at the utmost ease.

Because you exist as the result of my compassion.

Because you reflect my being.

It’s just this other part of life that puts me in imbecile. Painful as it is, hurtful at times, I should’ve run here to seek for comfort.

So, my blog, don’t get mad if I may be on hiatus for days.

Chicago said, “everybody needs a little time away … even lovers need a holiday”.

Where shall we go for our next trip, eh?!

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