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Inside Deep Throat

If you think the reason why I made this posting is related to the revelation on the mysterious identity of Watergate-whistle-blower, then I’m afraid to say that you get it wrong this time. Check the history book again, and you’ll find out how Mr. Felt got his infamous nickname.

As infamous as the source itself, which brought the porn film scene to be recognized as a new promising industry.

Our parents or our elder relatives might not be able to recall Deep Throat when it was released back in 1972, but at least they came across the phenomenon of how sex became something that lured people to go to the movies.
Mainstream film industry reached its ultimate exposure towards sexual permissiveness, when what had been considered as taboo topic suddenly being shown on the big screens where people could just drop by at any given time to spend a good two-hour journey exploring their sexual voyeurism. And to sit in darkness has never been that good.

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More than three decades later, when sex had become scarce in films these days, Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato brought back this sexual journey of porn industry in its heyday of 1970s in one of the most polite documentaries on sex ever, Inside Deep Throat. I guess I have to mention the word ‘polite’, considering that the initial film was X-rated and the documentary in discussion here managed to get an R-rating.
You go figure out yourself what has been missing.

Even then, the documentary serves like a comprehensive study of how porn industry arose in Hollywood in the 70s, and played a part in cultural revolution that defined 70s as sexual awakening era in the US. Porn has never been looked this noble and respected, I may say, thanks to the crips understanding of Bailey and Barbato who often depicted 1970s cultural hype in their previous works like the harrowing The Eyes of Tammy Faye.

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Surely a 90-minute duration will not quench the thirst to even get a deeper peek towards porn industry, yet the film has done more than enough to make us noticed to not neglect the existence of this love-it-or-loathe-it alternative entertainment. Some scenes might be overwhelming if you are not used to watch porn flicks (oh c’mon, internet is just right on your side!), yet there are times when you just scratch in your heads, amused by the comments from the makers of this film.

Well, truth is always stranger than fiction, if you wish to settle for fictionalized story on porn industry, go rent Boogie Nights.

But then, no other fictional feature films can match to become the most profitable film of all time, like Deep Throat.

Inside Deep Throat

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