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what is it with the month of june?


can someone enlighten me with some relieving replies on my query about ‘what is it with the month of june’?

What's On June?

the question was simply triggered from some, i would say, distracting facts:
– my twinnie is having a “writer-block” (usual, but there’s gotta be something causing it),
– my housemate chooses to spend the weeknites daydreaming instead of hovering holland village for dinner (unusual, but i guess i may contribute something in it because …),
myself, suddenly feel sick and get tired of holland village (static.)

in blogging world itself, i bear witness to some “hibernation” period from some bloggers known for their witty words that i can’t have enough of. come back when you’re used with Linux, girl! you sure have loads of stories to tell from your travelling, Yos! one of the most self-loving bloggers only wrote a song instead, Li? and hasn’t it been some time, Ko?

for me, it’s been quite some time since the last time i wrote down my thoughts on films i reel myself into. of course you can still see my post on Inside Deep Throat below, but you might be surprised to know that i actually had watched the film way before i wrote down my piece of mind about it.

there are not many films on current release arousing my interest.

tell me whether this is coincidental or not, but if you are a film-buff who reads everything about film in newspaper, magazine or any news media available to you, you may notice that the ticket sales and cinema attendance in the United States has been declining for 15 weeks in a row.
i just can’t pretend any longer: it’s about time, you fool, brain-damaging Hollywood!

an article in NY Times examined how recent movies failed to deliver the hype or much-needed controversy which, i agree, would build up audience’s interest not only go to cinemas and watch the films, but more importantly the post-watching effect. they can discuss the films, or simply talk about it among friends and families, which will prompt them to revisit the films.

we had a tame romantic comedy in Hitch, which only made us longing for the magic of Sleepless in Seattle.
we could only wonder why the studio execs decided to make Guess Who, only to find that the original version made almost 40 years earlier had more daring effect.
we began to think that Pixar is unbeatable champ after watching the failures of Madagascar and Robots.
and do we care about The Pacifier? impotent sequels like xxx2? endless horror remakes a la House of Wax? finally, paris hilton is killed.

but come to think of it, unintended buzz like what The Passion of the Christ enjoyed last year might come only once in a blue moon, or rages over Fahrenheit 9/11 only happens periodically *grin*, but these elements are what lured us into cinemas to cheer and to bash at the same time, and to some extent, watching it over and over again.

had there been no Star Wars installment this year, what a dreadful blockbuster it might have been.

and don’t blame us if we turn to other alternative sources.

thankfully, european films are still made with sincerity, although people begin to get wary of korean style of sleaziness. as long as those films do not brand themselves as ‘another-asian-horror’ films, then it should be fine.
let’s just say that for one that just woke up from a long sleep of coma, then suddenly get euphoric over sweet-flavored candy, wait until its get dizzy from having too much saccharine all over the screen. quantity wise, good enough though.

so what is with the month of june?
nothing but big bang summer blockbuster films, and let’s keep looking for alternatives.

writing? just continue rambling.

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