by any chance …

12 Jun

… i’m not supposed to write down anything here, for my mind turns into its utmost state of emptiness, causing, or rather, leaving me with no possession of inspiration at all.

for sure i could just close my laptop and turn myself to dvd player, after all, alain resnais’s “last days in marienbad” is due tomorrow.
but then, i have certain doubt that it will be on par with his “hiroshima, mon armour” which ranks as one of the most graceful love films ever conceptualized on a big screen.

ah, this is the most personal entry i’ve ever penned in my whole blogging life.

well twinnie, don’t get me wrong, but the battle-of-tacky entries of ours have to remain as best-kept secret which, for sure, would preferably be consumed on our own. whereas they’ve become public viewing or condemnation sparking from jealousy, that’s something beyond our control, right?

and up to this paragraph, isn’t it funny how you can actually just utter anything you wish to speak out by just placing your fingers in the keyboard, and slowly, surely, your tips of fingers start touching each and every letter assigned on the keyboard to form words into sentences, sentences into paragraphs, paragraphs into a posting or two.
it wouldn’t do any harm though if a little much-needed distraction of adium pops up here and there, saying things like “temen gue bakal nginep di rumah semalem” or “gue sudah baca remains of the day dan ga seberapa suka“, although the latter may give me an alert.
how can one not to fall under the spell of charm lined up in subtleties of kazuo ishiguro’s victorian style of narration?

oh well, again, we are placed in the world of overflowing mass products of arts and literature which often leaving us with little choice except to accept them hesitantly.
why hesitant?
i just feel like writing that, actually.

accuse me of being lame for my inability in providing some mind-challenging defense, but i can’t help looking at my stack of books and dvds which i haven’t touched, let alone reviewed. the thing is, i don’t want to surrender and leave my brain outside when i enter the world of cinema or words. i always seek for every single opportunity to venture myself inside those man-made world, looking for a chance to enhance my uppance.
look, most of the time i fail in making rhymes, so you’ve gotta bear with my weird sense of poetic structure.

alritey vin, i know you’ve been complaining too much on how lengthy each and every posting i’ve always made here (does a name of dody ring a bell to you, dear? *ngibrit*), but seriously, i need a bigger box for my main posting here.

care to teach me how?

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