it is like … love, actually.

05 Jun

and so it is.
in some ways that we indulge,
or rather,
plunge into it.

(seluruh hidupku

when the existence of universe changed by the time an answer has been uttered without even questioning,
then we can only wonder,
whether sparks will continue blinking
or rather
a steady light will shine throughout the journey

(segalanya teramat berarti di hatiku

so take it that we choose the steady light
yes, we sit, we talk, we make love, we exchange sweet tender words
but there are times when we get up, when we cast our glances towards the other side of view
when we choose not to know, not to quench the thirst or not to ignore

love ties the loosening binds without gripping too hard.

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Posted by on 06/05/2005 in English


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