30 Jul


What’s so fascinating about this particular day, compared to any other day in a week? It’s a gate to another weekend where you can chill out, relax, free yourself from boundaries and stress you’ve gone through from Monday to … Friday?

Enough about the mumble rumble of nothing, today, or rather this weekend, is gonna be the very last time Regent Heights Tower A #18-02 occupied by some very cute yet inspiring and intelligent people who have come and gone to this place. Boleh dong promosi diri sendiri :p

Yah, tempat inilah dimana taun lalu gw mulai mendamparkan diri gw untuk mengadu nasib dan keberuntungan. Di tempat ini pula lah gw ketawa, menangis, berbagi gosip dan merasakan gosip, being in the middle of some ‘uncomfortable, continuous confrontation’, kenal Imesh (ah! love you, Cint! and all those plastic bags :P) masakin sahur for like 20 consecutive days, sudden invasion tiap malem minggu yang maen PS ato nonton bola, hahahaah …

Dari kamar Wenny, ke kamar Dendry, numpang di kamar Dendry ama Ata, gw keluar pindah ke Holland Village, Inad keluar ke Guilin View, Ute masuk, and finally, bubye …

Truly gonna miss this beautiful, fun and meaningful home.



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