30 Jul

Relaunch? Revamp? Republish? Redo? Or simply a makeover? Whatever you may call it, I guess I’ve found myself back to the good old habit of writing, posting, commenting, bitching, criticizing, but more importantly, appreciating finest things in life. Be it simply indulging yourself over jazz standards by Ella or Sarah while sipping your hot chocolate in a breezy, rainy Saturday afternoon and you lean yourself over your lov-ah! (have I said enough about my ideal way to leisurely spend my Saturday afternoon here? :)), or doing anything that you’re comfortable with, just close your eyes, take a deep breath, release it slowly, and tell yourself how lucky you are today.

Darling was indeed a darling, just finished watching it a few hours ago, and the presence of Julie Christie still occupying my mind. Ah, the good ol’ swinging era of ’60s … Funny how ‘conventional’ (by today’s standard) the way they dress up, yet they were able to express their minds freely, in a matter of jazz, or classic rock-‘n-roll ….

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Posted by on 07/30/2004 in Blog, English, Film, Personal


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