Tweets (Or Some of Them) – Part 2

08 Apr

Sorry, blog, but Twitter never fails to amaze me.

Just when I thought my past tweets could not be further retrieved, I was half-wrong. True: I still could not find my past tweets before a certain period of time.
However, the bar has changed.
Yesterday, I couldn’t find anything before January 15, 2011. Today, I managed to go even higher: couldn’t find anything before March 2010! Achievement? Being an eternal optimist, glass half-full person, I’d say: yeah!

What you find below are the tweets I posted long time ago (or it feels like long time ago). Yes, I posted a similar entry yesterday, thus consider this as sequel.
Thanks to the hard work of #nomention who helps me retrieving the archive, you can read most of those below.

While these words are written by no one but me, yet I need to thank *you* for helping me out.



“We fell in, and somehow along the way, we fell out. It stopped to happen.”/”What did?”/”Love.”

“You don’t love. You respect. Take care. Obey. Tell the truth. Lie. Nurse. Kiss. But love?”/”Why not?”/”You can’t. You’re overwhelmed.”

“We stopped having sex.”/”No. You stopped loving each other.”

“Don’t you believe in love?”/”Do you?”/”I do.”/”If you do, you don’t ask the question.”

“Love me.”/”But do you?”/”It’s possible.”/”The odds?”/”I don’t do numbers.”/”Just count me in.”

“It’s not sex. It’s making love.”/”Tell me: how do you keep on making without having?”

“You think love sucks? It does. It leaves you lifeless. But then you get up and do it all over again to be alive.”/”Sequels fail me.”

“Love keeps you alive.”/”Then why can’t I see doctor, go to hospital and claim insurance when I suffer from being broken-hearted?”

“Can you stop questioning love?”/”I can’t. I’m hopelessly searching for it. If I stop asking, I’ll have no idea what’s in store.”

“Do you play around?”/”What do you want me to say?”/”Say yes. You should. Fun stops when we’re together. Just come home when you’re done.”

“You’re too smart not to know what he’s been up to outside.”/”Am I? Then why hearts and minds never connect in relationship?”

“Call me.”/”I’ll text. Email.”/”Won’t you miss me?”/”Do you want me to write that? I can always arrange. Can’t do it on the phone.”

“Let’s meet up.”/”What for?”/”So I can see you.”/”Then?”/”I don’t know. What do you want?”/”What do you want me to look like?”

“You know him more than I do. You two have been together for years.”/”No. I only know him as mine. Other than that, you tell me.”

“Let’s call it quit. I haven’t been happy.”/”You just put a stamp in my forehead that reads “failure”.”/”Sorry.”/”I’m not. I can’t.”

“How come you’re single?”/”I’m looking for another me. If you think relationship is made of two, it’s not. It’s you and projection of you.”

“Love me best in the morning.”/”Why?”/”I’m the first one you see in a day with great affection.”

“Happy anniversary, darling.”/”After all these years, how do you still get to be so jovial, so .. happy?”/”Aren’t we used to pretending?”

“Can we still be friends?”/”We started from nothing, then we’re an item, and end up being nothing to each other again. We’re never friends.”

“Do you think of me before you sleep?”/”Yes, with tears.”/”Why?”/”I fail you, us. That’s why I put our problems to sleep.”

“I don’t get this: couples who are comfortable in silence with each other. Don’t they have things to talk about?”/”Yes, with lawyers.”

“We hide under words, through music, via film. We go out on dates to cinema. We embark on a long-distance relationship.”/”Are we for real?”

“Sometimes it grieves me that I’ve never loved anyone. I don’t think I’ve ever been loved either.”/”We love each other in our imperfect way”

“I don’t know what my love looks like. Can’t describe it. Most of the time I can’t feel it. But if we keep questioning it, it’ll evaporate.”

Love is not bitter. Lovers (love-abusers) are.

Q: How does it feel to fall in love? A: How do you know that today is today? You just know. Words fail to describe the feeling.


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2 responses to “Tweets (Or Some of Them) – Part 2

  1. rur

    04/17/2011 at 6:36 pm

    ”I’m looking for another me. If you think relationship is made of two, it’s not. It’s you and projection of you.”


    Anyway, pretty thoughts, well said.

    • nauvalyazid

      04/18/2011 at 9:49 am

      Pretty is not exactly what I had in mind when I wrote the words, but thanks for believing such 🙂


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