07 Apr

Since I came across twitter @NauvalYzd, I hardly blog anymore. Let alone in this website, which I made purely as a backup of my so-called official blog. Blah. What’s so official about a personal blog, anyway?

I tweet like nobody’s business. In fact, there are times when I feel I should slow down updating my twitter status. It’s been way too many!

However, to my surprise, there are some tweets I wrote in the middle of the night (at the wee hours of the morning, maybe), and they found their places among some of tweeps’ (tweet people) favorites. In fact, these tweets prompted @aMrazing to promote me immediately, and overnight, the number of my followers increased like crazy!

I owe him a lot, and I humbly thank these people, most of whom I haven’t met in real life yet, for staying with me. These days I seldom update my twitter with pouring-your-heart-out words (of which we call “galau” tweets), but for the sake of preserving and archiving those, I decided to put them down here.
Twitter, being overloaded and understandably clogged by millions of users everyday, seems to limit the number of your past tweets that you can still see.
That’s why the aforementioned reason of preserving and archiving is needed here. Unfortunately, I’m one of the few who got cut off: can’t retrieve anything beyond January 15, 2011, while most of these melancholy tweets were written around a week before!
Thanks to Google, I manage to retrieve some of them. Probably these only account less than 10% of what I wrote (see, I trash-tweet a lot! Hahaha!).
Not sure if these should be read while you’re in a happy mood, but alas, here they are:


“What are you afraid of?”/”I’m afraid that, instead of loving him, I love the idealized version of him that I dream about.”

“Aren’t you afraid of rejection?”/”What do I have to lose?”/”The relationship?”/”The promise of the relationship, not the actual one.”

“Are you always this bitter?”/”Are you always sugar high in your relationship?”

“Do you believe in love?”/”I believe in loving. The noun in your question doesn’t need a believer.”

“How can you love someone when you don’t know what love is?”/”Do you know? Nobody does. We always pretend we do.”

“Love is vague, weird, inexplicable, indescribable …”/”Then what can be described & explained?”/”Hate. Rage. War. Anger.”

“You’re mean and heartless!”/”After your heart is broken, you are entitled being one for the sake of your sanity.”

“Do you fall in love?”/”If I do, I’ll soon fall out of love, won’t I?”

“But are you in love then?”/”I’ve always been in love. Give the occasional up and down, I can’t recall when I don’t love you.”

“Do you pay for sex?”/”It gives me assurance. Power. Control. After all …”/”We’re human, until debt do us part.”

“Can u stop questioning love?/I can’t. I’m hopelessly searching for it. If I stop asking, I’ll have no idea what’s in store.”

“Don’t you believe in love?”/”Do you?”/”I do.”/”If you do, you don’t ask the question.”

“It’s not sex. It’s making love.”/”Tell me: how do you keep on making without having?”

“Do you pray?”/”Yes.”/”Then don’t pray we’ll stay together forever. We won’t. Pray that you never lose your sight on love.”

“You win. What should I keep in a relationship then?”/”Sanity. Honor. Security. Yourself.”/”Love?”/”Do flowers stay fresh?”

“I hate you!”/”Liar!”/”How dare you calling me that!”/”Because if you do, you don’t say it out loud! You just turn quiet & rot!”

(Updated from @Sadeethya)

We don’t look for old pair of shoes. We look for the well-worn ones that, even in silence, we can feel their comfort.

“Love me.”/”But do you?”/”It’s possible.”/”The odds?”/”I don’t do numbers.”/”Just count me in.”

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