The Family Stone

02 Jan

A little, if not peculiar, problem in reviewing this beautiful piece of ensemble is how not to give any unnecessary spoilers to those who read this entry.

Why so?

Simply because of numerous plot twists appearing throughout the film, which surely keeps me glued to the seat, and wanting for more.

Thus, if one dares to say something about this quirky family, the writings should begin with how marvelous Sarah Jessica Parker is in her post Sex and the City days. Her impeccable comic timing helps giving her character a believable look, and not even once she fails to carry the assigned role well. She may look like her famous Carrie Bradshaw when she begins to let loose her character’s uptight behavior, yet she pulls it off within the frame of her being Meredith, the central figure of the film.

the family stone

Having one good actress is more than enough for Thomas Bezucha in his sophomore directorial task, yet he is blessed for having a terrific line-up of A-list actors, acting-quality wise. The ever reliable Diane Keaton gives a heartrending performance in every scene she’s in, Craig T. Nelson does his best in otherwise limited screentime, and Rachel McAdams proves that it is indeed her year of being scene stealer after she topples both Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn in The Wedding Crashers, and hijacks the entire Red Eye from Cillian Murphy.

I wholeheartedly warrant myself from commenting any further for the fright of spilling more beans here, yet rest assured, the only family you wish to spend your holiday season with this year is the one and only, The Family Stone.

Your wits will prove to be no match for them.

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