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(have i been) back for good (?)

i guess now it’s time
for me to give up
i feel it’s time

i guess every move taken in this dearly life, it will eventually reveal its own dualism, something to reflect how desperately i’ve been fighting against one supposedly-dismissed thing prior to put my feet upfront: denial.

i guess every turn taken in pedestrian walks under the cloudy skies will get you thinking, why is it that you have to reduce your expectations gradually, leaving almost to nothing but hopeless particles of dust, centering in your skin, leaving pores here and there?

i guess every one who has lived long enough at his comfort zone will understand the meaning of on-hold sacrifice, never been fully released to its fullest extent, still holding on to it whenever possible.

whatever i say,
whatever i did,
i didn’t mean it,
i just want you back for good.

wherever i will go, i may roam.
wherever i will stay, i should venture.
wherever i will take this tiny feet to, i must make my presence felt.
and that’s good.

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