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another day of the same paradise

today marks the first anniversary of having someone called as twinnie in my life.
yet, as you can see in both blogs, there has not been any mushy words, in contrast to what both pages look like exactly a year ago.

has the world taken its toll in greatly different way?

if the answer is ‘yes’, how come there’s still a recognition or acknowledgement of the day’s sacred status on the opening of this entry?

there can’t be no definite or satisfying answer to understand the tread that has been linked between two emotional souls. there should not be any interference from external parties to shake the sytem of trust (particularly) i have been trying to build ever since the declaration was unspoken, yet being executed nicely.

walking through figuring out the roots of your country through the museums, hanging out with friends you can count on for good laugh and jolly times, mulling over worth reading books, those are the qualities that define how majestic an anniversary is.

and thus, i celebrate mine.

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wishing of washing

In every single phase of a new life, one has to seek what to do to occupy himself within the first few days. Even if it means screwing around, be it then, no harm done, as long as he’s got himself protected, from any kind, and by any kind.

If getting dirty has falsely been accused with the notion of sexual activities (of any kind), then my getting dirty surely will turn you off. By any means, my getting dirty involves me doing what Doris Callebaut did to launch herself as a sex-bomb of 70s, i.e. doing household chores in a very suggestive way. Well, it was many of them, indeed.

look, it's not my problem if the steering gets wet!

Imagine me in a loose white shirt and batik pants courtesy of Ite, brooming and sweeping the floor mercilessly, chasing every single dirt and dust away, and soaking with foams and bubbles of soap washing my clothes.

This is not the end though. Tomorrow, and the days afterwards, the kitchen and dining room will be the places I crave my lust over everything neat, and tidy.

Now, whoever says I don’t possess any habits of becoming every single one of Desperate Housewives?

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