Singapore, 50 Years Old Today

09 Aug

I remember watching an episode of Sex and the City a few years ago. Can’t recall which season exactly, but it’s the one where Cynthia Nixon (Miranda, right?) stands on the ferry taking her back to Manhattan. She looks at the island from afar, and says, “Who would’ve thought an island that tiny would be big enough to hold all our old boyfriends?”
Today, as Singapore turns 50 years old, I can’t help thinking along the same line.
No, the island doesn’t hold all my old romantic flings.

But this city, this tiny red dot island, has a great power millions times of its size to change one life’s for good.
This is the place where I get my university degree, the sole one I have so far.

This is the place where I start learning how to earn a living. A waiter, a clown, a salesman, a liaison officer, a customer service assistant, a writer. Wow.

This is the place where I gained and lost extreme weight within less than than half a decade.

This is the place where I met friends, lost friends, and eventually, have friends for life, for good.

This is the place where I started falling in love, and never look back again.
For others, Singapore may be the concrete jungles where business and fun meet.

But to me, Singapore is the leisure walk on a drizzling Saturday afternoon with friends for coffee followed by movies in Cathay or Lido. Or Sunday jog followed by lunch in any hawker centres. Or those do-nothing-but-sitting-on-a-couch in a friend’s flat. Or those late night supper of prata and nasi lemak back in our younger days.
I lived in the country for 6.5 years. I began as a young boy who left his hometown to study, and I left the country as a young man who decided to drop everything for a career change.

It has not been a smooth sail. But somewhere at the back of my mind, I keep thinking that I’ll be fine, as long as I have friends I made when I was here. Because they’re friends for life.
And now I remember that I watched the Sex and the City episode for the first time back in Singapore, in the room of my rented condo in Bukit Batok.
Happy birthday, Singapore.

You’re not just a well-designed country. You’re the land that has changed one’s life for good.

Thank you.



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5 responses to “Singapore, 50 Years Old Today

  1. Bernard Simanjuntak

    08/09/2015 at 7:21 pm

    Gue baru tau lo lama di Sin, Mpal. Gue kok gak betah ya walaupun cuman business trip sebentar? Apa kondisi Sin dulu dengan sekarang beda jauh?

    • nauvalyazid

      08/09/2015 at 7:24 pm

      Nggak kok, Ben. Perasaan gue sih, sama aja. Just getting more crowded and expensive. Kenapa dulu bertahan lama? A sense of obligation. Karena udah memilih untuk (menerima beasiswa dan) kuliah di sana, jadi harus ngelarin kuliah. Karena memilih untuk (mencoba) kerja di sana, jadi harus sadar konsekuensi pilihan hidup. Cieh.

  2. Febriyan Lukito

    08/10/2015 at 5:04 am

    Singapore. Small country/city but has everything on it. *bener gak ya Inggrisnya*
    Baru sekali ke sana dan ngerasa kalau mahal banget di sana.

    • nauvalyazid

      08/10/2015 at 6:43 am

      It is, indeed, the small country that has everything. 🙂


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