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Someone with Labels

Someone to come home to.
Someone to travel with.
Someone to visit on weekend.
Someone to have meals together with.
Someone to greet the first thing in the morning and the last at night.
Someone to watch movies with.
Someone to yell at the hardest when one forgets another’s birthday.
Someone to cry on to when one feels like quitting job.
Someone to remind another to pick up laundry.
Someone to finish another’s sentences.
Someone to feel guilty of upon flirting with strangers.
Someone to call and text when one feels lonely because friends are busy.
Someone to forget when friends are around.
Someone to kiss with heart.
Someone to smile to.
Someone to laugh together with.
Someone to stay silent with and still be understood.

How can the person in us actually do these duties, and many more?
By loving someone else sincerely.


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