the risk of addiction.

03 May

so i am addicted to this absence,
which drives me further to making numerous attempts of earning a penny or two maybe,
and not penning my own journal for free.

so i am addicted to the nights,
the companion of flesh and snack,
of two gay guys, one fag hag, and one helluva drinker,
of green teas, or normal ones in alternate.

so i am addicted to the city,
the coffee meets the riots,
leaving me stuck in the unlikely space,
of yuppies, of tough guards, of breezing condensed air.

so i am addicted to you,
the lover of my life,
the hairy bear of my life,
the shivering thoughts sending the hair at the back of my neck rising.

so i am addicted to this life,
of uncertainty, of impossible dream,
of unclear destination, of mindless people and their hopeless defense,
of ambiguity, and the likes of it.

so i am addicted to myself,
living the life i yet to lead.


Posted by on 05/03/2006 in English, Personal


2 responses to “the risk of addiction.

  1. silverlines

    05/03/2006 at 4:05 pm

    The addiction is indeed risky, to whatever extent.

  2. Askar

    05/03/2006 at 7:03 pm

    mas, apply jadi English, Art and Drama teacher aja di sgp. I heard the proportion of male against female teachers disini gak imbang. off daysnya banyak. hueheue. thats what Im gonna do if all else fails… mana sodara gw with a BA in visual communications yg di NY juga katanya mau balik gt to “pursue his dreams”.. why so many ppl I know decide to go back to Indonesia before they got their MBAs abroad. A Good MBA is the keyword in Jakarta Raya.


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