i want to wake up in a city that never sleeps!

08 Mar

thus, in a city where its inhabitants screaming around for hopeless help, it is good to note that the most important thing is not what you know, but rather, who you know.

the statement is recently uttered by nick roddick in his regular column on sight and sound magazine, march 2006 edition. roddick particularly concerned about the declining qualities of so-called independent and art films, as the films made into any film festivals’ selections are basically those created by familiar name in film industry, or funded by the same laureate bunch.

moving apart from the film scene above, i began to learn about living in this chaotic city. for sure, what happened today taught me that heartbreaks, depression and repression will continue surrounding our presence no matter how we have tried to behave at our best.
some people will continue to scrutinize you, or in a very indirect manner, we cannot help being supressed by the majesty of others.

yet, it is good to know that when everything is set in accordance to our lowest level of expectation, what goes beyond the misery is as clear as a collective lines of rainbow rising from the west to the upper east.

i do not wish to make it clear on this entry about the real occurence, for the truth is best left to any interpretation one’s mind is entitled to.
but then, in a place where uncertainty is an inseparable part of daily life, it is good to have people that you know you can rest your heavy shoulders on.

sometimes, what you need is not your blurting out, but rather, fully open ears to listen and clear mind to absorb what your friends say.
and most of the time, these precious friends are gems unexpectedly found in many unexpected places.

for two souls i purposedly bumped myself into, i thank you for another night that might be an ordinary one for you. while i still carry on being a hunchback, but when you pat my shoulder on the right way, it feels exhilarating.

this is the city.

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