this is just a penultimate finale of a journey.

01 Mar

Blessed my comfort zone with its advanced and sophisticated tools in every single thing we can think of.
Effectiveness, fast service, wireless gadgets, they were only a few items scattering through my mind when I began typing this.

While I had to cope up with the consequences of travelling in a shoestring budget (read: delays), I could steal some little time to check my emails from the airport while avoiding the long queue in the immigration. My mobile phone is immediately on and I wasted no time to push back my scheduled meeting for another half an hour.

From Changi to Holland Village to a meeting in Bugis that was only pushed back for 30 minutes?

I was a complete idiot!

So then you had me in a suit running up to my flat only to put down the luggages, and carrying the press release and whatever available questions I had set earlier while grabbing a plate of spicy chicken rice from the Bangkok airport.
Imagine, a freelance writer doing interview in his suit, leather shoe, tight jeans and striped white shirts of my pride. Imagine, being interviewee in her relaxed outfit of a polo shirt, sandals, and loose jeans. Am I upstaging her? You bet!

But hey, she was charming and chatty, two qualities I always yearn whenever I talk to people I just meet. Not to mention that what she is displaying is something worth looking at,t oo.

My suit journey continues afterwards as I decided to head off to some shopping places, and cladding myself in such clothing really paid off well, as I could notice the shopgirls started treating me differently. Oh well, devious deception, indeed!

Yet, the journey had to stop somewhere as now I’d rather be in my own style rather than desperately imitating GQ-look. Get rid of the suit, kick off the shoes, now I’m very much like me, a familiar myself with sandals, jeans, t-shirts.

And that familiarity was what brought me to my fullest sense, be it giving a counselling to this heartbroken lady, or effortlessly working out my charm when some stranger in a darkened room of a cinema hall paid a special attention to me.

Ah, what a beauty of having your clothes on, and your dignity in place.

And once again,I bid a temporary goodbye to my comfort zone with a wide smile of pride. Hmmm …. 😉

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