the follow-up

15 Dec

as i am sitting here in (supposedly) my ex-study table which has been neglected for quite some time due to a reason that my younger sis thinks it being not ‘girly’ enough, i.e. her table is filled with Taiwanese boyband pictures, i can’t believe what i can indulge myself in this unplanned trip.

yes, folks, after my recent “tragedy”, i decided to recuperate myself by storming back to my parents’ house, to this little hometown i always have my respect on. yet, the feeling of being a washed-out could not be denied, when i took a walk on a street filled with bursting motorcars and bicycles, drizzle poured in to wet my shoes, the girl i used to have a chat with whenever i needed to make copies of my notes is still working in the same place, i wonder if she will ever quit.

no one stared, yet everyone saw how weird my shaved head matched the tiny figure i have maintained ever since i decided that size S stands for “sexy”. everyone thought i must be crazy then for i have an L size for my caps.

here i am, surviving the first 24 hour of this unexpected holiday.

everyone deserves a holiday, even for one who has just committed a failure of himself.

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